My Un-Highlight Reel

My Un-Highlight Reel

So a few weeks ago, I had some pictures taken to replace the pictures that were on the information page, profile picture, etc. of the blog.

I am so not the kind of person that likes to have glamour shots done, and the photographer, Michael Porter, did an awesome job of just putting me at ease and making it a lot easier to just grin and bear it (cheesy pun intended…insert groan here).

Here’s something that’s hard for me to admit.

I like some of the pictures.

It took me quite a long time to get to that place. The place where I can look at one of these pictures and think, “Wow, I like that one. That picture makes me feel like I’m pretty.” I think we all feel that way sometimes. Isn’t that what the delete button is for?!

But you know what I do when someone else posts a beautiful picture of themselves? I feel insecure. Not always, but often. I feel like if they are looking so beautiful, and I’m sitting in my mess, procrastinating on Facebook in my sweats, there is definitely something wrong with me, and I’m certainly not that beautiful.

It’s crazy, isn’t it? The amount of lies we can tell ourselves and then get ourselves to believe?

Now I say all of these things, because I want you to know something.

There were some outtakes of my photo session. Images of me not quite at my best.

And that was during the photo shoot, when I was already gussied up with my hair did!

So there is something that I know will happen when I post those pictures. As soon as I post the pictures I’ve chosen, some of you (I’d actually be willing to bet most of you) will start to think negative things about yourself.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said before, but it’s true, so I’ll say it again. The things you see people post- especially images – on social media are the highlight reel.

The one drivers’ seat selfie they posted was the best of many. It was probably taken over and over and each one of them was compared to the next. Then, after choosing the right one, a filter was applied to soften any remaining flaws.

And then it’s all done again. And again.

It leaves you with a feeling that everyone around you drives anywhere in a constant state of beautiful!

I’ve seen many of you at the store – I know that’s not the case (don’t worry…me too.).

So here’s my straight up honesty for you.

I deliberated.

I set the pictures side by side and narrowed the choices down.

I had people give me their input, by choosing A, B, or C.

I weighed the merits of black and white vs. color.

But in the interest of full disclosure…I am posting a couple outtakes first. So that when you see the ones that I chose to post, you can recall that there were some outtakes.





And I’m throwing in a picture that Noah took of us right after he woke me up in my bed super early in the morning and I moved to the couch, so that you can’t say anything about my hair and makeup being done. Complete with a Cars blanket. Just for good measure.


Here’s to my un-highlight reel. And yours.

To the real reel. 



about 5 years ago

Wait a minute, wait a minute and let me add a whoa to that.... I know exactly what you are talking about and honestly I hate taking pictures something is always not right it's my nose, it's my hair or my crooked chin. No it has to be the 20 - 30 ponds I have yet to lose that makes me feel like poop. With that being said I know what you mean as far as driving around in a constant state of beautiful it sucks that thereis something as a picture can make you feel "different" about yourself (me). I look at your pictures and I see someone brave to say this is me and that is ok. I also have had the pleasure of seeing some of these in action and I have to tell you that these are just and important and a part of whoyou are funny, (clearly) kind hearted with a lil bit of don't mess with me cause I can out grunch you! We all have those pictures with our eyes close and looking the other way when taking pictures.


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 5 years ago

You're so sweet Diane! I don't know about least honest! Haha...I'll take it easy on you in grunch, but not with Jamaal! :) xox


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