Top 3 Posts of 2014 – #2: Saying I’m Sorry

Top 3 Posts of 2014 – #2: Saying I’m Sorry

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top 3 posts of 2014 2

I can’t wait for you guys to read this year’s second most-read post. It was a hard post for me to write for sure. It’s never fun to admit when you’re wrong. It’s even less fun when you were wrong, it hurt your kid, and then you had to tell the school secretary what happened.

But you know what? Something resonated with all of you. Turns out we’ve all made mistakes, and know the freedom that comes from admitting when you were wrong. It was shared all over the place as we all realized that doing life is hard, and sometimes we must stop and apologize.

I’m so proud of all of you.

I’m proud that you used this moment of my weakness to change the way you thought about yourselves and those around you who are affected by your behavior.

I’m proud that you declared your weakness publicly by sharing the post with others. It takes a beautiful humility to admit something that you’re not proud in yourself.

Thank you for reminding me and reminding so many HUNDREDS of others that we are all not alone, even in our weakness.

I hope this reminds you again today just how special and freeing it is to admit your weakness and mistakes, and to be met with sweet and pure forgiveness.

Post #2: Saying I’m Sorry







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