Top 3 Posts of 2014 – #1: On Being a New Mom

Top 3 Posts of 2014 – #1: On Being a New Mom

Well, it’s the last day of 2014. It’s a time of looking back on where you’ve been, and looking ahead to what is to come.

I could have said that you were reminiscing about where you’ve been, but for some of you, that’s not the case. It’s been looking back with relief that it’s over, or sadness that your pain isn’t over.

I could have also said that you were looking forward with excitement to what is coming. I know that for some, that’s just not true. Maybe you’re looking forward to the year with fear, angst, or dread.

I want to tell you that I see you where you are.

I see your pain, your trepidation, your relief.

Endings and beginnings are hard.

A lot of times they are good while they are hard.

I think that’s what made the #1 post of this year the most read post.

top 3 posts of 2014 -- 1

In this post, I remembered with such real anxiety and joy what it was like to be a new mom, and I just had to remind us to look on new moms with sensitivity and compassion.

I hope that this post gives you so much hope, and reminds you that around here…we are real. Sometimes life sucks, and sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s full of laughter in pain.

We all felt this post.

We shared it, we embraced it, and we held onto it. I hope that we can be reminded why by reading this one more time this year.

If you missed posts #2 and #3, click on the numbers to take you back!

Here’s to holding on to hope and joy when life is hard.

Post #1 – On Being a New Mom

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