Taking in Motherhood

Taking in Motherhood

Well, Spring Break and vacation are over!

But something really awesome happened these last two weeks. I really got to enjoy my kids!

I totally fell out of sync with the blog, the dishes, and the laundry, but I fell right back in sync with my kids. Oh, it feels so good!

We went to the park, we played with friends, we swam.

Spring Break2

We forgot homework, bedtime, and (to some degree) nutrition. There was an air show on the Air Force base and a Spring Training game. Both sets of awesome grandparents hosted sleep overs, and we had friends in town a few times.

We went to a movie, and we rested.

Spring Break1

You guys, we had so. much. fun.

I see all of these posts on Facebook about how parents were dreading Spring Break, or relief that they survived it, and I have to admit that I can identify. I felt like it was going to be a lot of time to fill keeping the boys busy, but it flew by! When I took my kids to school on Monday, I was a little bummed. Well…in the interest of keeping it totally real around here, I did head right home to take a nap, but I had a little pep in my step picking them back up from school.

I am blessed.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, my life is not a reflection of anything that I have done. God has been far too generous with me and I’m grateful.

Spring Break5

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to really watch my kids — to see their expressions, their mannerisms, and their emotions on full display.

It’s a humbling thing to see your children being kind to each other and to others.

I laughed until my sides hurt when my kids were trying to out-silly the other.

And I seriously cried when, during an extreme disappointment for Noah, Aidan bent down to sit by his brother and just held him. In no time they were back to tripping each other and sneaking toys away from each other, but that tender moment made my heart burst with joy.

Spring Break4

I hope that you get to find some time in the near future to watch your kids. Really watch.

I had forgotten how into a movie my kids get. They belly laugh, they cheer when the good guys win, and they feel it when a character experiences heartache.

I so very much enjoyed watching my kids scream with delight chasing their friends through the fountains at the splash pad.

Don’t get me wrong — being a mom is no walk in the park, and I will be the first to admit that sometimes I just want to dig a foxhole, grab a helmet and a pair of earplugs, and just wait out the battle. But I’ve gotta tell you something fellow warriors…if I can, just for a second, rise above the pandemonium and look deep into the hearts of my children, something incredible happens. I realize that these tiny little chaotic creatures that once pulverized me from the inside and now insist on carrying the tradition on whilst on the outside are marvelous. Miraculous. Hysterical. Passionate.


IMG_1019 IMG_1021

Today, I pray that you will be able to take even just a moment to just enjoy your kids. Forgetting the dishes, the floors, the bills, and letting nutrition slide. I pray that today you remember that being a mom is seriously one of the coolest gifts God ever gave us. And maybe — just even for a few moments — you can look at that suspiciously adorable, yogurt-encrusted face and enjoy every ounce of it.

What is the most fun you’ve had with your kids lately? What will you do today to stop and enjoy your kids? 



about 6 years ago

and I am enjoying being a grandma this week. We have the girls here and are loving it. Yes, there is bickering and some teasing, but there is also helpfulness and playfulness. While I am not trying to let the rules slide, (their parents might see this) we are a bit more lax than they are and we are having a good time. Can't wait to see yours in a few weeks.


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

I'm so glad that you get that time with the girls! How fun for you! I hope that it was a wonderful week...as I'm sure it was! Can't wait to see you....xox


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