A State of Disarray…

You guys…

My house is a nuclear waste site disaster! 

Today is a day of honesty here on the blog. I have heard a few comments similar to, “How do you do it all?” or “Your house is always so clean!” since I have started my blog.

Well, my friends, prepare yourselves for the following pictures. I hope to shatter those perceptions with these pictures, because that is not who I am. Have you heard me mention I’m a basket case? 

And I hope to show you that imperfection and messes are a part of parenting, and a part of being involved in my kids’ and others’ lives. It’s really important to me that I am home with my kids and am an active participant in their lives. It’s also very important to me that I am supportive of my husband, am available to help other people, and for us as a family to say “yes” to as much fun as we possibly can.

Sometimes that means that other things fall by the wayside, and if you are anything like me…cleaning is the first to go these days. {It wasn’t always this way! Check out my post here about that.} Yes, I want to have the hands of Martha, but sometimes even Martha gets busy!

This week has been busy. Like really busy. And if you know my family, you know that for me to say that is quite a statement. We are busy a lot. But this is an unusual amount of busy with Ty’s office moving to a new location (with a lot of difficulty with utility companies — enough to pull your hair out right? Poor Ty.).

So…yeah. This is what happens to my house when it gets busy around here:

First up…toys.


This is the result of a ball fight. This isn’t even the playroom — this is down the stairs from the playroom!

Next up…laundry.


This is after I already folded and put away 5 loads of laundry…it just never ends.

**Side note**

I don’t fold my kids’ laundry. I stuff each boy’s laundry into their own basket, and then they have fabric boxes in their rooms to hold clothes. One for shorts, one for T-shirts, one for pajamas, one for socks and underwear…and not one item is folded. And you know what? It’s glorious. They can put their own laundry away, and I don’t have to worry about the un-folding of what I spent so much time folding. I do, however, fold all other laundry.

**End of blabbering side note**

Following laundry is…the kitchen island.


And trailing very closely behind…the dishes!!


My kitchen is a catch-all right now for projects, mail, and…pretty much anything.

We started October Unprocessed (check out my post about it here) yesterday at my house. I had to clean out the fridge and make room for a new round of grocery shopping. It’s exciting, but it’s taken some time to get things back to unprocessed again after a few weeks of letting ourselves slide.

UNEXPECTED BONUS: My pantry and refrigerator are organized and clean (I know, hard to believe after these pictures, right? It’s true!). And full!

And last, but certainly not least…the garage sale pile.


Yeah, this all needs to get priced and organized. And this is only half of it!!!

{I think my heart just cried a little.}

But…my garage is clean and organized. You win some, you lose some.

All of this will get cleaned up soon. But until then, I’m just getting all of my bigger things (and more urgent things) done.

To top off my state of disarray…

There was something scratching around in the hose attached to the dryer in my laundry room when I started laundry this morning. I hit the hose a few times, and whatever it was (mouse? lizard?) scurried around for a while. I was too afraid to deal with it myself, so I called my dad (what a guy!) since Ty was at work. He came and moved my dryer and climbed down behind it. Just as he pulled off the hose, he urgently said, “That’s not a lizard!!!” as a bird FLEW out of the hose right. into. my face.

Important information: I have a paralyzing fear of birds. Seriously.

I panicked. I sent my kids running to their rooms to close and lock their doors (as if that is what will stop the bird. I told you…I panicked!).

My dad eventually got it out with a towel, after it ran into more than a few windows in a total panic itself.

So there you have it, folks. My life. In a state of disarray. And flight, so it would seem.

What say you? Any messes around your place? Birds? No, just me? Leave me a comment — I don’t want to feel alone! 🙂 

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