Project Elephant {#3} – Print Pictures

Project Elephant {#3} – Print Pictures

It’s Monday!

Isn’t that less exciting than “Happy Friday!!” sometimes?

Well today, I’m proud to announce that I crossed off one more project on my list! Which list? This list!

Project Elephant #1c

{for more information on what on Earth I am doing, check out my post here}

Here are my pictures all printed out!

IMG_8329 IMG_8330

My goal was to print pictures to make a big picture collage on a certain wall in my house, and also to print pictures to replace older pictures in frames that are already hanging. It was really not that much work, other than the fact that I needed to organize all 8,000 pictures on my computer.

Yep. I said it.


Holy moly!

I wanted to find certain types of pictures for each part of the collage and for the frames I was updating. Which means that I had to categorize them all.

*Yes I did.*

*Yeah huh!*

Okay, so I didn’t have to. But my brain wouldn’t let me move through all the pictures without creating some sort of order! So in a way, I guess I kind of did have to. So there.

Yeah, soooo anyway…today is less about the actual project, and more about a conflict I’m having within myself. I’m not sure I have it resolved, but maybe by the end of the post I will? We’ll see. I’m kind of a basket case today. lately. always.

Last weekend we took a family trip with some friends and extended family to Lake Havasu. We took a couple boats, rented some trailers, and spent the weekend in the sun and water! It was refreshing for my soul. It’s my favorite place on earth (remember this?), and I just feel like God enjoys being there with me as much as I enjoy being there with Him.

While we were there, I had my phone in a plastic bag (thanks, Pinterest) so that I could use it without getting it wet. However, it didn’t take great pictures through the plastic. So I pretty much just used it to make sure no emergencies had happened while I wasn’t looking, and left it in the beach bag all weekend.

When we left, I realized that I had taken almost no pictures the entire weekend! What?! But my kids had been super super cute! They had done some really fun things! How would I (and they) remember them??

Dramatic much? Yes.

But…really. I felt like such a failure! And then God started talking to my heart.

I had spent so much of the weekend snuggling my boys, and encouraging them try new things that were kind of scary for them. I heard them giggle with their friends uncontrollably. I held my husband’s hand and spent more quality time with him than I have been able to in a long time. I had enjoyable conversations with my aunt and my mom. We played games and joked late at night with our friends. Believe it or not, we even witnessed a wedding ceremony in a cove.

And you know what? I didn’t just see it through my camera. I experienced it all. Did you catch it? I laughed with friends and enjoyed their company. I touched my family, I heard them, I encouraged them.

I was present.

I don’t have a ton of pictures to prove it. But I did get to enjoy my family and friends. My soul has been refreshed.

Truth be told, I’m kind of sad that I don’t have a ton of pictures from the trip, because I like to make family albums and there were quite a few opportunities for great pictures. But I wasn’t so focused on capturing the moment that I forgot to be in it. I wasn’t worried about what I’d post to Facebook, or what I might forget later. I was just wrapped up in enjoying the moment as it happened.

I will say this, though. I had an awesome time looking through all 8,000 pictures. I saw my babies when they were babies. I saw love, silliness, laughter, major life events, growth, and joy. It was fun reminiscing and recapturing some of the memories I’d forgotten. Thankfully we live in a world where I can take 35 pictures and immediately decide which one is the best (and hopefully delete the other 34). And it’s also nice to know that I can capture anything at anytime.

So I think it’s a time for me to find a new balance.

One between photography of every moment, and not being able to even find my camera to capture some important memories. I want to remember this special time with my family, and if I don’t capture anything at all, I know that I will forget some really great things in the hustle and bustle of life.

And guess what? Ty and I did manage to sneak in some pictures of the weekend, though he was just as disconnected from his phone as I was. Double blessing!

So here are a few, just for fun (because my kids are so darn cute!).

IMG_8257 IMG_8270

IMG_4513 IMG_8275


At the beginning of the trip…ready for all the fun!


End of the trip…think we found some fun?

See? I’m glad I have these pictures. And I’m glad that, for the most part, my trip was totally unconnected, and these are ALL the pictures I have. It was a really free feeling! I’ll have to remember the balance of both. And who knows? Maybe one of these pictures will end up in my next batch of printed/hung pictures!

Do you have a bajillion pictures like I do? Are yours organized? Tell me how you organize yours, because I’m not sure I’m very satisfied with my system. I love reading your comments and I read every single one! 

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