Project Elephant {#2} – Secret Project

Project Elephant {#2} – Secret Project

It’s Monday!

It’s time to show you my Project Elephant secret project!

(Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out my post here or you can see the original inspiration for it with Abbie here.)

{Did you click over? Isn’t she awesome?!}

Here’s my Project Elephant list this week:

Project Elephant #1b

Okay, so I spent last week working with my mom on completing a surprise for one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

My friend Brandy is the person who will come over to my filthy house, and not only will she not care, she grabs a broom!

Seriously, you guys…that is friendship.

Brandy and Me Urban League

She’s one of those people that I don’t have to worry about what she might ever think of me. She’s seen me with no makeup, my frizzy hair, my stained pajamas, my the-kids-are-in-meltdown-mode life and jumps in with her crazy brood with both feet!

She’s got two boys, too, and our four boys couldn’t live without each other!

Schrauf and Gibbs boys

Her husband, Jared, and Ty are great friends.

JJs Birthday Tats

Are you catching my drift? They’re awesome friends.

And it was Brandy’s birthday this week!

So now I can finally reveal my secret project — I did a whole closet overhaul at Brandy’s when she was at work on Tuesday!

Wanna see it?

Then you gotta read to the end! 🙂

First, let me tell you what my overall goal was for this overhaul. I wanted to do something that would make walking into Brandy’s {awesomely large} walk-in closet an exciting thing! It sounds silly until you do it, but having an organized and clean closet makes such a difference when you are deciding what to wear, when you’re in a hurry, or even when you’re just putting your laundry away.

She has some amazing pretty death traps shoes that I wanted to put on display, and also a ton of super cute jewelry and clothes that needed to be more visible and easily accessible. Not to mention that her husband has a ton of shoes and professional clothes that also needed to be ready to wear.

I am such a sucker for a good clean, organized closet.

So let’s start with some before pictures, shall we??

IMG_8220 IMG_8222

Everything was hanging…nothing super wrong with it, but not really any rhyme or reason. And definitely a lot of space — bonus!

IMG_8223 IMG_8221

See those awesome shoes?!

And what you can’t see is all the cute jewelry behind the work scrubs and hanger of ties!

So here’s what my mom and I did…

First, my mom and I scoured Pinterest for different ways to display shoes…and came up with a cute way to hang them on the wall! I bought two 8-foot sections of white baseboard that could be hung on a bevel. I had my dad cut them in half with a fine toothed saw (so it didn’t split the wood on the ends).

Next, I bought a quart of greyish/purple paint at Wal-Mart to coordinate with the purple of her bathroom towels. I wanted to paint the wall behind the racks so that the soles of the shoes didn’t get the wall all dirty. Rather than paint the whole closet, we just taped off and painted a rectangle behind the shoe racks.


After that, I found the studs in the wall and measured them out on the baseboard. I drilled a tiny hole perpendicular to the bevel (not to the flat part of the baseboard so that it would hang at an angle to provide a ledge). You can’t tell very well in the picture but my black drill is at an angle on the beveled edge, instead of straight into the middle.


Then we hung them with finishing nails (the ones without the flat heads on top) and used a nail punch to push it into the wood farther. If I wasn’t painting them, I would’ve used nail filler to fill in the holes and smoothed it over.


I painted the white rail lighting with some of the same purple paint so that the white showed through. My mom reminded me that it might be good not to have the paint on the rails be perfect since the shoes would probably scuff it up and you wouldn’t be able to tell as easily.

Smart woman!

We hung them all, and then hung the shoes by their heels.


Notice the little collage at the top? My mom made it. It says “Home is where you hang your shoes.” Cute, right??

Of course, this only works with shoes that have a defined heel. So all the wedges and flats went on the back of the door on an over-the-door shoe rack (also from Wal-Mart).

IMG_8227 IMG_8228



The next project was a set of jewelry hangers that we made. I will have to show you a post on this later. It’s another long process, but here is the final product!


No more jumbled mess!

Now she can see all the different options and see at a glance what coordinates with what! The little one is on a hinge so that she can get studs hung on it.

The biggest thing we did for the clothes was to change out the hangers for matching hangers and organize their clothes into categories and then by color. We got the hangers from Wal-Mart, too. And remember, things always get worse before they get better…


There has to be a better way to deal with hangers. If there is, I haven’t found it. Obviously.

IMG_8242 IMG_8239

Hats and purses got grouped up top, with little clutches in a box for easy finding.

IMG_8240 IMG_8241

Her husband’s shoes went from on top of the clothes to the shoe rack where hers were before. Some of the nicer ones stayed in their boxes, which allowed for better stacking anyway.

Do you see the difference a few new hangers that match makes?!

Well, there you have it! In just a few hours, with a few supplies, and not much money, we transformed the whole closet!

And another “Happy Birthday” to my sweet, sweet friend!

What about you? Do you have a fun way of hanging your shoes? Or a better way to corral all of those pesky hangers??

Leave it for me in the comments!

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about 6 years ago

You know, you missed my birthday, but my anniversary is coming up! Tell m about the earring hangers. What a beautiful friend you are.


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

Haha! Next time I'm at your house, Julie! I'm going to do another post on the earring hangers...stay tuned! :)


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