Project Elephant {#1} – TV tables

Project Elephant {#1} – TV tables

Okay you guys…I did it! I finished a project on my Project Elephant list!!

Wait, what?

Back to the beginning. I started a new challenge thanks to Abbie over at 5 Days 5 Ways.

(*side note: I just realized we have more than the parentheses in common…I love to have things centered on the page, and so does she! You guys, it might seriously be a match made in blog heaven…although, while I enjoy watching her 5 kids on her blog, I think I might honestly have an aneurysm if I had 3 more kids — 2 of whom are twins! For reals…She’s amazing.)

Anywho…she started a project on her blog called Project Elephant.

five days five ways | project elephant

The idea behind the project:

Q: How do you eat an elephant?

A: One bite at a time!

I’ll say it just like I said last week — GENIUS!

It seems so simple, but I mean, really…why didn’t I think of that?

You know when you’re so bogged down by all of the chaos and often insanity inducing activity life that happens every day, and then your project list just grows and grows? Before you know it, you can’t even bear the thought of cleaning out the refrigerator, and forget about washing the windows on the house, or — what’s even more — renovating that room!

So whether it’s a big or little project…I’ll be breaking it down into one bite at a time! If they are bigger projects, it will mean breaking them down into smaller steps, or completing smaller projects in their entirety. At one a week, I will be able to make a big dent in that list in no time!

Well here is my list now –

Project Elephant #1a

I did the TV tables! Wanna see ’em??


Well, okay…I tricked you. This is what I started with.

They were a little beat up with some scuffs — nothing structurally wrong with them.


The reason I chose not to just keep them black and cover up the marks was because all the furniture in my living room is black! While I love what I already have, I seriously just couldn’t add more black!

I’m trying to make a concerted effort to brighten it up in there…this was a good start!

These are the colors I chose, because I have some fabric in mind for later. We’ll see if I change my mind by the time I decide to do the project….


I got these at Wal-Mart, and they are pretty cheap. I think they were around $4 a can. Also, I should have posted the picture twice, because each table actually needed two cans of paint.

Side note: If you have to spray paint anything other than a tiny little object, I recommend getting this little contraption:


I got this at Wal-Mart, too, and let me tell you — this has changed my life.

It attaches to the spray paint can so that you can use the trigger, rather than pressing on that itty bitty little button and cramping your finger until it feels like it’s gonna fall off! I want to hug whoever invented this.


Anyway…this also helped me to get a more even coat  because I wasn’t focused on my finger hurting. Lame, but true.

I should note here that I should have sanded the tables (while wearing a mask), but I was too impatient and I really wanted to get it done that day. However, if I was painting something more important or more “fancy”, I would do that step. You decide.

So now we can see some pictures of the tables:


See why these needed two coats? Covering up the black was a little difficult.


I applied one more coat, and then turned them upside down to get the bottoms.


Then I let them dry, and…ta-da!!!


I’m so excited to have these in my living room! We love having people over all the time, and this provides even more eating spots in the living room!

This bite of the elephant was delicious! Can’t wait to chow down some more this week!

Wanna see Abbie’s project? Check it out here. It’s a BOMB plate wall. So cute!

What about you? Did you do any projects for Project Elephant? Leave a link in the comments — I wanna see it! 



about 6 years ago

I applaud your elephant eating! I think the first thing on my list should be making a list. BTW, I love that little thing for the spray can. Wish we would have seen it before we did some projects around here, but believe me, if there is more spray can painting in our future we will be getting one.


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago I need to find things to spray paint! Show me what you paint if you do!


Abbie (Five days...5 ways)

about 6 years ago

Well done, bravo!! Those trays are so cute! And thanks for all the sweet compliments. :)


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

Well thank YOU for coming to check them out! And thanks for the inspiration of Project Elephant! :)



about 6 years ago

I love the colors! I came over from fivedaysfiveways


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

Welcome! Thanks for visiting! I hope you keep reading! :)


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