Prayer Tasks

Prayer Tasks

Hello again!

Today I wanted to share with you some thoughts about what I’ve been reading lately. I just started reading “Women Living Well” by Courtney Joseph. She’s got a blog called Women Living Well (find her here). Another blog that I love to read, Biblical Homemaking (check it out here), is doing a book study on the book. You still with me?

Anyway, I have joined a book study with some women from my local moms group to study “Women Living Well.” This week was just chapters 1-3 (I think we’re a week behind the study on Biblical Homemaking).

These first chapters are all about slowing down and making time to just walk with the King. It has been a struggle for me to choose spending time with Jesus lately instead of checking out in front of the TV or instead of tackling my to-do list that will never end.

To be honest, that’s such a stupid choice, because I am so anxious to BE Jesus to people, and yet I’m so quick to decide not to spend time WITH Jesus to learn how to be like Him. Being a sinner makes me an idiot.

But, that being said, I have been missing feeling close to Jesus. I miss talking to Him throughout my day. Courtney reminded me of something that I had forgotten about. It used to be such a blessing to me a long time ago, and I’m not sure why I let it fall by the wayside. Being a sinner makes me an idiot, remember?

She suggested, among other things, to pray through some of my tasks for the day.



I used to do this on a smaller scale, but I am implementing this in a much bigger way, starting today. So here are the prayers I will be praying over my family and home while I’m doing some housekeeping tasks. My “Prayer Tasks,” if you will.

 Making the bed: I will pray for our marriage – for our communication, for our attitudes, for our intimacy.

Laundry: I want to be thankful for the ability to clothe my family and for the abundance of clothes we possess..

Ironing: I really only iron Ty’s work clothes, so these prayers will be around his business. I will pray for his business dealings, that he would be protected from bad business deals, and that he will be rewarded for conducting business with such integrity. I will also pray for his reputation and his standing in the community. Finally, I will pray that he will work diligently, be focused, and efficient – his is a busy business, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. **As a side note, I will also be praying for those who work for Ty. They are a blessing to us, and I am so grateful for all the work they do.**

Cooking: I will pray for the health of my family and for each of them to develop the skills to make good choices when it comes to eating healthy foods.

Dishes: I will be thankful for the closeness we fostered while eating our meal, the conversation we had, and for the ability to feed my children until they are full.

Sweeping and mopping: I want to pray for the feet that walk through my home on a daily basis, whether they are guests or residents. I pray that they would be the feet of Jesus, both in our home and in the world.

Island: This is the gathering place for all the clutter in my house. And in times that we have so much going on in our lives, this particular spot bears the brunt of the mess. So in this place, I am so grateful that we have so much richness and fullness in our lives that this place becomes piled so high. (This place to pray was given to me by one of the girls in the study…smart lady!)

Driving to and from school: Every day on the way to school we pray. Now we will be praying for my boys to be eager learners, kind classmates, and attentive listeners. I hope that they are lights for Christ. I pray that they will be protected from harm, unkindness, and distraction.

I’m starting to brainstorm different ways to remind myself to be praying for these things as I do these tasks. I think little notes will be a good start.

What a great way to spend the day with Jesus, sharing my daily life with Him! I hope you’ll join me!

Have any ideas of how to remind myself to pray at these specific places and times? What are the tasks that you will pray through this week? 



about 6 years ago

Great list! Moms group at central?


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

Thanks! Unfortunately, I can't do the Central group because of timing with school for my kids and the fact that we live so far away! :( It's a moms group that is at a church we used to attend in the same neighborhood as my kids' school. It's called momsLIFE -- they've got some awesome moms!


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