A Baby Sprinkle!

A Baby Sprinkle!

My friend just had her second son a few weeks ago. He’s so precious! Of course, we had a baby shower.

But wait!

I learned something in the planning. Did you know that a baby shower for a second (or third…or fourth…) is called a SPRINKLE!?!? Get it? Not a full-blown rain shower, just a little sprinkle? Oooookaaaay….

Oh, yes? You knew this?


Well…in any case….I didn’t know!

So…you can be sure that once I knew that….it was over! We had to have a sprinkle theme.

Wanna see??

My Snow Globe

My Snow Globe

I had some friends at my house a few weeks ago and as my boys were showing them their room in all of their excitement, one of my friends asked, “Okay, is your house always this clean?”


That was just because I was having a party!

There was a time when my house looked like no one actually lived there. It was cozy, clean, and uncluttered. It was organized, and it was simple. Everything had a home (except, perhaps, for the pile of papers that inevitably ends up in some corner that I once thought was the bane of my very existence).

I know.

I sort of don’t even believe it myself!

Helpful Spartans

Helpful Spartans

Well, school has started again this week for us! This time, Aidan gets to go! They both love Miss Becky so much and it’s so fun to watch them learn new things from her. She’s truly amazing, and we are so blessed that she is in our lives!

First day of school

With school starting comes the need for a renewed commitment to routine. We’re starting to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. The boys are beginning to get comfortable with the flow of the day. The biggest change is that we’ve switched up the routine before bedtime. 

My Scrabble Wall

My Scrabble Wall

Today’s post is a tutorial, but it has a back-story first. So bear with me until we get to the pictures!

I read a blog about a year ago about creating a mission statement for your family, and I knew immediately that I wanted one for our family. We had some big decisions to be made at the time, and we needed something concrete against which we could hold our decisions to determine whether or not it fit for our family. Read the post here.

So Ty and I decided to create a mission statement. It involved a long process that started by asking our family and friends to define us (which was risky, but necessary). We wanted to know how other people saw us and then from there we could decide which of those things were good and bad and change or embrace them accordingly.

My Baby is 3!

My Baby is 3!

Mommy and Aidan

Today my baby turned 3.

**Cue the waterworks!!**

Wow, where did the time go?! This moment is terrifying and encouraging all at the same time. I made the day pretty low-key…we’ve been having a crazy birthday weekend, and we needed a break! But we did decide to have a birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. We couldn’t let the day go by completely unnoticed!


But even with the low-key-ness (yep, not a word) of the day, I spent a lot of the day in an exhausted and weird mood. I felt like there was this little nagging “downer moment” coming. I guess it’s just a realization that clichés mostly stand true and that TIME. DOES. FLY. Not just fly. It straps on its jet-pack and launches itself into outer space and before you know it you’ve gone from “Hi, it’s nice to meet you, Aidan. I’m your mom.” to “Hi, it’s nice to meet you, Professor. I’m Aidan’s mom.” And I’m not ready!!!!!

Raising Spartans

Raising Spartans

When my oldest son, Noah, was just a couple of months old, I read this book called “That’s My Son” by Rick Johnson.

It’s a book about how to raise our sons up into men of character. The key to that phrase is that I am trying to raise a man. This makes the task more daunting than it already is!

In the first chapter, the author talks about Leonidas and his army of 300 Spartan men who defended Greece from the Persian army of 300,000 long enough to allow Greece to gather its army.

Leonidas knew that it was going to be a suicide mission, but he knew that the fate of Greece was at stake, and that the cause of Greece was much greater than himself, or even his 300 men.

Initially, looking at those 300 men, it seemed as though they were picked at random. When asked what the criteria was for choosing those men, he responded that it wasn’t that they were all seasoned warriors, or that they were the fastest or wisest men of Sparta.

He said that he chose his men based on the character of their wives and mothers.

He expected that they wouldn’t be returning home from this battle. He knew that the wives and mothers were going to be grieving for their sons and husbands, but he also knew that they would grieve courageously and they would stand strong in the face of their loss.

He felt that the rest of Greece would be watching these women and would either be emboldened by their reaction or discouraged.

The Spartans ended up holding the Persians off long enough that Greece was able to save itself, but the Spartan men lost their lives when they were betrayed.

This story shakes me up for two reasons.

First, am I going to be able to raise sons that are going to be able to realize that they are a part of something greater than themselves and would willingly sacrifice themselves in order to support that bigger cause? Second, am I willing to sacrifice them for that cause?

Am I ready to watch my sons be a part of that greater cause and let them go?

For me, there is nothing more important than the salvation God provided for me by sacrificing His Son, Jesus Christ. This is the ultimate “cause” for which I hope to send them out.


All of a sudden, feeding my family has taken on new meaning. Each bedtime brings me closer to that day.

Noah and Aidan

Perhaps I’m being a little dramatic, but I think that overall, this has been my response to this challenge. I never realized to this degree that I am raising sons that I will have to send away. I may not be sending them to a war, but the fact of the matter is that I will be sending them away in some sense no matter where I am sending them — whether it is to be married, or even just to be on their own.

So this is my primary goal — to be the mother that instructs my sons in the Lord and teaches them that there is a cause greater than themselves, and then courageously and completely gives my sons up that cause.

My secondary goal is this — to raise the kind of sons that I am proud to give to their wives because I know that they will take care of them, defend them, protect them, cherish them, and regularly lead them to the foot of the cross. I want them to be the fathers that raise their children to fear the Lord.

I am raising Spartans.

Lord, bless my efforts, and bless my sons.

What about you? Are there any books that have totally changed your whole perspective on parenting? Leave me a comment!