Operation Escalones {#9} – New Chores

Operation Escalones {#9} – New Chores

Happy Monday!

Noah is turning 5 in a couple weeks, and Ty and I have decided that it’s time for Noah to start taking some more responsibility at home. While our kids do different things around the house to help out, there is really no formal structure to it. There isn’t any allowance given for tasks, or expectations for any chores to be finished.

Now that he will be 5, he’s asking about money and how it’s used, etc. We feel very strongly that money is something that kids must understand how to use properly.

As such, we have determined that he will now be responsible for certain chores around that house that he will need to do. There will be payment for some, and just expectation for others.

We believe that there is a certain level of responsibility that comes with just being a part of a family. Some chores should be done simply because you live here, too.

Then there are chores that you must do, but you can be compensated for that.

After that, there are optional chores that you can do that will make you more money.

We want our kids to have money to “practice” with before they get into the real world and have to deal with real money and real consequences.

I am hoping to write a little bit more about our philosophy on this in a future blog.

But for now…here is Noah’s chore chart for when he turns 5!

Chore Charts

Project complete!!

How do you do chores in your house? Do you have allowances? Do you have a chart, or do you choose your chores according to what needs to be done at the moment?

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