Operation Escalones {#8 } – Make New Year Goals

Operation Escalones {#8 } – Make New Year Goals

As the year winds down, I am looking back at what the year was like for our family and considering things that I’d like to change.  I’m not big on New Year resolutions….especially when they aren’t quantifiable.

“Go to the gym more” is not a good resolution. There’s no accountability built into the goal in the form of a measurement.

You will fail by January 3rd.

“Be more patient” isn’t really a great resolution, either. There is no measurement in this goal. It’s so much easier to slide off track and not notice if there is nothing holding you accountable.

Saying, “I want to eat better,” leaves a lot of room for excuses, delaying, and failure.

Saying, “I will stop drinking Coke and eating fried Twinkies,” is much more quantifiable. Your accountability lies in the fact that you know you’ve failed when you’re sinking your teeth into a Twinkie.

Nevertheless, making new year resolutions is a difficult task all around. Resolutions are so often fueled by feelings of inadequacy, followed by determination. They’re then so often followed up with guilt, regret, and shame because the motivator was a change in behavior that lacked accountability and enforceability.

So this year, rather than making vague resolutions, I am setting goals and giving the year a phrase of focus.

These are my goals for 2014:

1. Read at least 1 book every month.
2. Make at least 10 meals a week completely real food. (For our definition of real food, we pretty much follow the definition at 100 Days of Real Food. Check out the site here.) We also did a challenge during October (read a little about it here).
3. Have 1 date a month with each of my kids separately.
4. Tuesday is now a “no TV” day for the whole family.

This year, I would really like to just focus on one phrase. One concept that I will be able to keep reiterating in my family, when I wake up, when I am doing projects. A phrase for the year that I would like to constantly be an underlying current in my life, family, and home.

The word of 2014 will be this:
Love does. 

There is a book called “Love Does” by Bob Goff, and ever since I read it, I’ve lived completely differently.

I will be reading it again soon and posting my thoughts about it, but the main point is that “love” is not a noun. It’s a verb. Love DOES things. It’s not a feeling. It’s DOING something for or with someone.

Love is never stationary

So these are my goals for the year…and it can all be summed up in two words….


What will you do differently this year? Do you have any resolutions or goals? Do you have a phrase or word that you hope will sum up 2014?  Share it in the comments! 

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