Operation Escalones {#7} – Wrap the Presents!

Operation Escalones {#7} – Wrap the Presents!

Happy Christmas Eve! (“Merry” sounds too weird…)

My Operation Escalones project was delayed yesterday because I actually did the project last night, so I couldn’t write about it until today!

Tonight is the night that I usually wrap all of my presents. I usually sit down with a couple good Christmas movies (see some of my favorites here) and wrap. But then, I’m usually exhausted on Christmas because I was up late wrapping.

So this year, I decided to break it up a little bit. I did some last week (all the ones that weren’t for Christmas morning — staff, friends, etc.).

Last night I had two fun friends over to wrap. My friend, Laura, already had hers all wrapped. Overachiever! And she even said that they looked pretty! Instead, she helped my other friend, Brandy, wrap all of hers. We used the dining room table, which turned out to be the perfect space for three wrappers!

This is the first year that I’ve used a table to wrap my presents, too. I usually use the floor. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using the table from now on — much more conducive to wrapping large amounts of presents!

I’ve had people tell me left and right that they don’t really know how to wrap presents and that their presents always look like a child wrapped it (or an animal, or *insert your own wrapper here*) — especially after my post about fancily wrapped presents (see it here). So today I will show you how to wrap a box properly. I am only showing you a box today because, really…anything soft or misshapen is just a crap shoot…we’re all on our own for that! But the same concepts apply to all presents, and you should just be prepared for some bent paper, and compensating with bows.

Please disregard the Christmas mess (and whatever other messes) that might make an appearance in these pictures.

Also, I’m using reversible paper…I totally recommend it. One roll — coordinating presents! Easy peasy.


This is an important step, because it’s just as difficult to wrap a present with too much paper as it is to wrap one with not enough paper. Start with the box on one end of the wrapping paper, and roll it until you’ve had the box on all four sides. This ensures you didn’t cut too much, but that you also have enough.

How to Wrap a Present05 How to Wrap a Present06 How to Wrap a Present07

You’ll want to make sure that you leave enough paper on either side to cover the sides of the box. Slightly more than halfway up the box is just right.

How to Wrap a Present03

Once you’ve done the measuring, feel free to cut.

How to Wrap a Present08 How to Wrap a Present09


With the box upside down in the middle of the paper, pull one long side up to the middle of the bottom of the box and tape. This step is important, because it ensures that when you start to fold the sides, the box won’t slip farther and farther back.

How to Wrap a Present10

Repeat with the other long side of paper and tape.

How to Wrap a Present11


Turn the box one turn so that one of the open ends of paper is facing you. Fold one side of the pieces of paper in, staying along the bottom of the box. Fold the bottom into a crisp fold.

How to Wrap a Present12

Repeat with the other side, so that the paper looks like this:

How to Wrap a Present17 How to Wrap a Present13How to Wrap a Present14

Fold the top parts of the folds as crisply as the bottom folds, and bring the point toward the middle of the box and tape. Sometimes it’s easier to flip the box upside down quickly to make sure you have a hard surface on which to press the folds.

How to Wrap a Present15

Pull the bottom point up toward the middle of the box and tape on top of the other point.

How to Wrap a Present16


How to Wrap a Present18

If you are using ribbon, continue on to steps #5 – #9


Flipping the box right side up, place the ribbon flat on top in the middle. Wrap all the way around the box 2.5 times and cut. This box is square, but if you have a rectangle sized box, wrap around the longer side 2.5 times.

How to Wrap a Present19


Flip the box upside down, with the ribbon still on the box as shown above. Have both sides of the ribbon be the same length. Make sure the ribbon meets in the middle on the back, and then twist like this:

How to Wrap a Present21

Now your ribbon will be heading in perpendicular directions from the way it was before.

Flip the box back right side up. Bring the ends together and tie like you are tying a shoe. Pull the pieces tight (but don’t snap them). Tying the double knot is much easier if you have someone else to put their finger in the middle. If not…be quick!

How to Wrap a Present23

Double knot.

How to Wrap a Present24


Once the ribbon is tied in a double knot, cut some smaller pieces of ribbon (in the same or coordinating colors). I usually do two more.

How to Wrap a Present25

Slide the first piece under both sections of ribbon.

How to Wrap a Present26

Pull to equal lengths and tie a knot. Repeat with other pieces. Now it will look like this:

How to Wrap a Present27


Open a pair of scissors wide open and place one of the blades against a piece of ribbon. Hold the ribbon between the blade and your thumb.


Make sure that you have the scissors under the curl of the ribbon so that you are curling the ribbon in the way it already curls.

How to Wrap a Present28

*sorry for the flash…weird lighting*

With your thumb firmly pressed against the scissors, pull the scissors up the length of the ribbon.

The more pressure you put on the ribbon with your thumb, the curlier (probably not a word) the ribbon will be. I like to do looser curls, but that’s just me!

Curl all of the pieces.

How to Wrap a Present29


I like the look of adding a pre-made bow in the middle of the ribbon, but you don’t have to. If you are a good enough curler, or if you have too many ribbons, a bow might be unnecessary.

Peel the paper backing off of the bow. (Can you say blurry picture?!)

How to Wrap a Present30

Place bow right on top of the knot. Use tape if you need to.

How to Wrap a Present31

And there you have it!

How to Wrap a Present32

After repeating a few more times, here was my stack of presents! I didn’t do bows on this stack because these are for my kids and it just frustrates them and I’m the one undoing them anyway…

How to Wrap a Present33

See my misshapen and soft presents? Just…do the best you can…or find a box to put it in!

Happy wrapping!

What’s the weirdest shape you’ve ever had to wrap? Do you do fabric ribbon instead? When do you do all of your wrapping?



about 6 years ago

Already wrapped and opened! Merry Christmas.


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

So great! Hope that your week with the girls went well! Looks like you had a wonderful time!


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