Operation Escalones {#5} – Christmas Has Arrived!

Operation Escalones {#5} – Christmas Has Arrived!

Wow you guys! This weekend flew by so fast…and now it’s Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was awesome and delicious…

I will show you some pictures from the table that Ty’s mom laid out for our dinner, it was beautiful! I think that will have to be a post all on its own!

Instead, for today’s Operation Escalones post (don’t know what I’m talking about? Go here or here!) I will show you the beginning of our Christmas decorations! This year we are in a bigger house, so it’s hard to know where to start…but I’m so excited!

So far, only the tree is up. But let me tell you guys, it was a feat! What a beast this tree is. I knew as soon as I pulled it out of the bag it would be crazy.


This is me starting on the bottom of the tree. I wish that I could have a real tree, but living in Arizona, it gets way too dried out and it is way too much work for me! Plus, I like having the flexibility to leave my tree up and be lazy if I want. Yeah, I said it.


Setting up this tree took me literally three hours yesterday. Not to mention, all the time it took me to get it straight! This was Ty’s parents’ tree. We traded this year, because they said they wanted a smaller tree, and I said I wanted a bigger tree. I certainly got my wish. This thing is ginormous — and beautiful!


Here is the tree all done. The boys and I put all the ornaments on today, and it was so much fun. This is the first time the boys have been able to help me with any sort of significant contribution. And they loved it!

Again, sorry for the bad lighting. When I can put pictures from my real camera onto my computer, my picture quality will hopefully dramatically increase.

This tree is so special to me, because of all the ornaments that are on it. I have so many ornaments from when I was little, went Ty was little, and now from my kids.

Every year, Ty’s mom has given him a Santa ornament for Christmas. We have all 27 ornaments on our tree. It’s so special to have them all over our tree.


When I married Ty, she started giving me ornaments that were different depictions of Mary and baby Jesus.


She’s started giving our boys ornaments that have their pictures on them, so we can see how they grow over time.


She’s gathered them from all different vacations, places where they’ve lived, and special memories. They’re all so cool and so unique.

My mom shares my love of ornaments, and has given me so many special ornaments that are just so delicate, ornate, and beautiful.



She’s also given us so many ornaments for our family. Last year, she gave us all of our initials as ornaments. They look like gingerbread cookies, and they’re so cute!


This tree definitely means something to me! It’s so great to pull them out every year, and remember all the different times we’ve gotten all the ornaments.


This was one someone bought me during a really difficult time in my life, and this is such a special reminder that no matter what’s going on in my life, there’s always hope. What a great reminder during Christmas every year!

After we decorated the tree, Noah crawled right under the tree and laid down on his back, looking up from the very bottom. It’s so funny that he did that, because it’s something that my sister and I used to do as soon as our tree was decorated, too.

So this was a huge project crossed off my list! Let the festivities begin!

Do you have any special ornaments on your tree? Do you use white lights or colored lights? I’m strictly a white lights kind of girl — they’re so simple!

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about 6 years ago

Your tree looks wonderful! I'm so glad you like the ornaments, they have been little treasures to collect. Especially the ones now with the boys pictures in them! Love you guys!


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