Operation Escalones {#3} – Project Reading Wall

Operation Escalones {#3} – Project Reading Wall

Happy Monday!

Oh man, I’m excited for this post today!

I will warn you, though…it’ll probably be a long post. You might want to sit down.

Today’s Operation Escalones project took a couple days. I’m showing you what I’ve done in the room that was originally intended to be a formal dining room. If you know me at all, and probably even if you don’t, you will know that a formal dining room is just. not. me.

I want nothing in my house to be formal. I want everyone to feel welcome in every part of my house. You know that room that always feels like, “Um, is it okay if I sit here? Maybe if I just keep my hands folded and try not to sneeze?” Yeah, I hate those kinds of rooms. I can’t curl up with a good book in those rooms. I can’t have a fun conversation in those rooms…it feels more like a fate-of-the-world-discussion kind of room. Not my style.

I wanted this room to be a reading room. I want my kids to love reading as much as I do. And I want it to be available for chatting, snuggling, dreaming…a place where anyone will feel comfortable.

Ty’s dream for this room was to be sort of like a library, not just a reading room. He wants to have books that he can loan out to people. We have so many business books, biographies, books on raising children, religious books, etc. I hope this room will be a blessing in so many different ways to so many people!

So without further ado…how I put together my reading room!

I bought the shelves at Ikea. They come in different sizes, and then you buy the brackets and connectors separately. Perfect! I wanted it to be a look of ordered chaos. I bought five shelves (one big, two medium, and two small) to be scattered all over the wall.
This is what the table looked like when we started. By the end of the project, you couldn’t even see the table. That’s just how I operate…basket case, remember?


My mom and I started in the middle of the wall, measuring from the top of the stairs down to the floor. That’s where the connecting bracket for the middle of the biggest shelf went. Each shelf had to be secured to the bracket with little screws (picture on the left), so we did that before the shelves went up. Each time, we drilled a pilot hole in the shelf first (the picture on the right), to keep the wood from splitting.

image02 image8

We leveled everything about a hundred times and marked and marked again with a pencil. Nothing is worse than an un-level shelf, except for maybe a whole wall full of them!


I had a whole plan drawn out of where things would go (I’m OCD like that) that was almost exactly to scale. Thank goodness for graph paper!


It really helped with measuring out things on the wall. Not a lot of thinking involved with every shelf. Just measure and go!


We hung all of the shelves first, and then filled in with the bigger pictures, mirrors, and artwork. Then the smaller pictures, and finally filled the shelves! It’s so important to me that my house be filled with us. I love looking at so many pictures of my little family everywhere I look!



As you can see, the top of the wall is still blank. I have some plans for up there, so it won’t be blank forever, but it will be a little different than what we have down low.


And there you have it – my reading room wall!


Sorry that I can’t get a picture without the chandelier…I tried holding it up out of the way, but it just doesn’t work.

Want to borrow a book?

Do you have a place in your house that is just for reading? Do you like to read as much as I do? Do you have any recommendations for books to put on my reading wall?


Ty Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

Love it babe! Awesome job!



about 6 years ago

Love the wall. What does the swag say? Joy and then what?


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

It has a handprint after it. Noah made it at preschool last year. It's so cute!


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