Operation Escalones {#2}

Operation Escalones {#2}

Whew! I’m off-kilter today!
First of all, yesterday I had a sick kiddo so we stayed home from church and all subsequent activities. That threw me off completely! It felt more like a Saturday than a Sunday — and a lazy Saturday at that! So when my alarm went off this morning it took me a while to even realize it was Monday!
The good news is that with our day home yesterday, I got two — yes I said TWO — projects from my Operation Escalones list done! Plus some.
It’s a good feeling. Seriously.
I framed all the pictures that I printed (from this post). And I’ve gone through all my papers in the office and they are ready to be filed!
I just got my filing cabinet from Ty’s office when he moved, and I’m going to set it up to be a command center for all our papers…stay tuned for that post!
Project List #2
Don’t forget that I will cross these off when I figure out how! 🙂 So for those keeping score…all that is left is the task of hanging pictures in the movie room. From the last list. Obviously I’m not in a huge hurry. Hopefully this week, though, so I can start a new list!
Also, this is a short post today because of all the work I have been getting done these past couple days. There’s going to be an awesome post next Monday, people!
Anyone else get anything done this week?? 

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about 6 years ago

How about shoveling dirt and rock and planting plants along the front of the house! A great feeling.


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