Operation Escalones {#18} – Finish the Project

Operation Escalones {#18} – Finish the Project

Wow, you guys. I’m a bad blogger!

I mean technically, it’s not all my fault, but still.

I still have never shown you the big reveal of Ty’s office that we worked so hard on in October!!

Yes, you heard it.


Today, it’s May.

Here’s why it’s not quite all my fault: I was supposed to wait for a few things to be done before I could post pictures. But here’s the thing…they are taking too long.

So I’m going to just reveal it anyway!

Don’t forget to remind yourselves what it looked like to start!

In the beginning…


Already such big changes, right?!

Well, first up — the bathroom!



Aren’t those canvasses so fun!? My mother-in-law wanted to do some fun patterns in black and white, so we went onto Pinterest and found some awesome patterns.

We traced the pattern over carbon paper, and then I painted in with fine brushes with black paint. All told, it only took a couple hours!


Isn’t that mirror fantastic?

We replaced the old sink with a cabinet and countertop sink, and it looks much more homey!

Also, we changed the light fixture and it’s a lot brighter so that it’s not so dismal in there.

Look at this great second-hand find my mother-in-law scored! It holds all of their office supplies. How beautiful is this cabinet?!


Next up…the kitchen!


We got some cabinets and a kitchen sink and a new fridge.

It’s a great little place!

To hang the microwave, I made the shelves just like in my bathroom at home and I just love it in here!

On the other side of that red wall by the fridge is this…


Gosh, I just love this wall!! Do you see the cool roofline on the top to mirror the American Family Insurance logo? How cool is that?!


All the words are vinyl lettering and just took about an hour to hang. Such a big statement about what Ty’s agency is all about!


These are the work stations for some of Ty’s staff.

Each work station has one of those awesome red dining room chairs from Target for customers to sit and chat. I’m in love.

For the big poster frames, we just used baseboards and cut them to size. We used the square pieces to make the corners so that we didn’t have to cut the baseboards at an angle. My dad used his nail gun to hang them and viola! The posters in the middle are magnetic, so we hung a few pieces of metal on the wall to hang them up. Now we can change them whenever we’d like without taking the frames down!

And the conference room – I love the conference room!


Those light gray squares are squares of paint and then we had pieces of glass installed. These both act as white boards for dry erase markers.

They. Look. Awesome.

And the long, skinny conference table and chairs look so great! The chairs are a clear acrylic rolling chair — so sleek!


This is what you see when you walk into Ty’s office. I love that black and silver logo on the wall.

And that lamp. All the desks have that lamp. Target for the win!

Next, when you walk in the front door, this is to the left.

This is Erin’s work space, and I just adore that red wall. It took 6 coats of paint, so for a little while it was very frustrating, but overall, I love the wall. Especially with the white logo on it.



And last but not least, the welcome area.


IMG_6687The fridge has waters and a Keurig on top for making yourself a drink while you wait. The shelf has all kinds of American Family memorabilia, and “Dream” artwork to go with the theme of protecting your dreams, since that’s what Ty does, after all.

Those cool frames that hold 8 pictures each are all filled with historical pictures of our area. The town where we live is the oldest in Arizona, so there is quite a bit of history here!

Those chairs are from Kirkland’s and I just love them. If we ever redecorate or put something else there, I will take all of them home with me and find something to do with them. They’re so pretty!

So there it is.

About 6 months late.

The office that went from this as you walked in:


….to this in the middle….


…to this at the end!


This was a project that took so long from start to finish. The bulk of it got done so quickly and then the details keep straggling a little bit.

But you know what? It’s so great. I love everything about it. It’s very much like Ty, and that’s what I love about it. It reflects his agency and who he is so much.

He loves protecting people and their families, and he really, truly does want to make sure that people achieve their dreams and protect them once they do. He is so earnest about using his job to make sure that people are as prepared as they possibly can be for any event in their lives.

He’s seen so many people through so much – he’s been there with people through car accidents, starting new businesses, births, marriages and divorces, buying homes and cars…he is so good at walking through life with people and making sure everyone and everything in their lives is protected as much as possible.

It’s so great that he finally has a really fantastic place that reflects how much he cares about people and welcomes them into his life and office.

I just am so thrilled with the open feel, the colors, the parts that feel cozy. It’s like Ty and his staff are inviting people into their homes and their lives, which is exactly what they do!

Now if you will excuse me…I need a nap.

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