Operation Escalones {#14} – The Dungeon Closet

Operation Escalones {#14} – The Dungeon Closet

So today I had an extra hour….

Ha! Just kidding!

Okay seriously. Pick yourself up off the floor. No one has an extra hour!

But really, you guys. I did something spontaneous in an hour today — I cleaned out the dungeon bathroom closet!

It’s been driving me a little crazy for a while now.

It’s one of those things that doesn’t really affect my life in a seriously irritating way — like stuff right in the middle of the stairs.  It’s just the kind of thing that bugs me every time I open the door to grab something, and reminds me that I really need to do something about it before things start falling off of the shelves randomly.

So here’s what it looked like before…

Bathroom Closet1

Nothing super crazy.

But then this is what it looks like more up-close.

Bathroom Closet2 Bathroom Closet3

We travel so much that we have a bajillion travel sized things. It’s like a tiny little grocery store for fairies.

So I needed a way to wrangle all of it.

Remember from my learning closet that I am in love with the little plastic bins?

Well I used a bunch of them in this closet, too!

Here is how I used them for the travel sized items:

Shower-related items (shampoo/conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, etc.)

Lotion and perfumes

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Face wash and face lotion

Bathroom Closet6

Next to the bins, I put all of the different bags that we use for toiletries when we travel, including quart-sized zip top bags for going through airport security.

I grouped other like items together and put them in other bins.

Bathroom Closet7 Bathroom Closet8

I put the toilet paper down low because it’s the perfect height for the kids to be able to reach it and change out the roll — they’re getting pretty good at it!

Bathroom Closet5

The plastic drawer on the bottom is full of nail polishes and other nail tools. And of course, there are the froggy slippers. They’re so comfortable and dorky at the same time — does it get better? Ty hates them. I love them.

But I digress.

This is what the closet looks like now!

Bathroom Closet4

I hope this helps you to see that it just really doesn’t take much time to pull some things back into a little bit of order.

You’ll notice that there are no labels, no frilly or fancy containers. Just the things that I had on hand. I have a hard time throwing away an empty container, and that serves me well, as long as I have reasonable space to store them.

It doesn’t have to be a big dramatic overhaul — sometimes it’s just a matter of turning on a TV show for your kids and pulling everything out of a closet and putting it all back again with a little more thought!

What will you organize this week? Have you just decided that enough is enough and just started a project like this because it was just driving you bananas? I’d love to hear about it — let me know about in the comments! 



about 6 years ago

I have closets that are crying for your touch! Also, I have pig slippers, something very muppet-like happening here!


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

Ha! You know I'd love to! :) Anytime! And I forgot about your pig slippers...you might be right!


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