Operation Escalones {#13} – Learning Closet

Operation Escalones {#13} – Learning Closet

Happy Monday!

The project that I’m showing you today is one that took me about an hour and a half, and did not cost me any additional money.

Today I’m showing you the cleaning out of my learning closet. I keep all of the boys’ workbooks, coloring books and assorted arts and crafts, and all of their reading books and puzzles in this closet.

So here is what I started with…

Learning Closet01

Learning Closet07

Learning Closet05

Learning Closet04

Learning Closet03

It had been organized before, but I had just done a really terrible job of keeping it organized when I put things away. All the things that needed to go in this closet were in it…but they were just on top of all the other things.

Not great.

It just got away from me a little bit!

The time had come to take it out, reorganize and just start over…

So here is what it looked like once I started to take it all out of the closet.

Learning Closet10

Learning Closet08

It’s got to get worse before it gets better, right?

It’s amazing what you find when you pull all the junk out of a closet!

I mean, seriously, I could’ve put together a whole box of assorted cereals with the random pieces of cereal I found lurking in various bins, boxes, and corners.

Is anyone missing any socks? I think I found all of yours in my learning closet!

It felt good to throw away all of the half-colored pages, broken toys, and dried up markers.

I used the teal patterned cardboard file boxes to group workbooks, coloring books, blank paper, and scrap paper together. I also put spare workbooks and extra papers in them.

I used the blue plastic bins to separate crayons, markers, pipe cleaners, stickers, etc.

I also moved a lot of the kids’ games downstairs from the closet upstairs so that they can get to them a little more easily. They’re with all of the other puzzles and learning games.

Also, even though this is the “learning” closet, I put the cars downstairs because they roll so much more easily on the tile instead of on the carpet.

So here is how we ended up!

Learning Closet20

Learning Closet13

Learning Closet14

Learning Closet17

The kids have really enjoyed having this all organized. Now they can go in and pull things out without fear of the resulting concussion from falling debris.

They also know where things go again, so they can put them away properly.

What a relief!

I used what was already in there, but to be honest, most of the storage cost less than $5 each.

The file boxes were from the Dollar Spot at Target. The crates were $3 on sale at Walmart. The blue plastic bins were $0.75 at Walmart on sale, and now I can’t find them in that color anymore. I’m so glad I bought about 30 when I had the chance — I use them all over my house!

So even if you didn’t have any storage, I would guess that the amount of money you’d spend on the different organization would be no more than about $35.

Do you have a closet like this where things just overflow out the door?? Did you get any chunks of your to-do list done this week?

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