Operation Escalones {#11} – Hang the Saying

Operation Escalones {#11} – Hang the Saying

Well hello again, Monday…

By 9:00 in the morning, this was my Facebook post….


Not a great start to my Monday. Just not a lot went right this morning, and we were all kind of falling apart at the seams.

But I’m pleased to announce that the afternoon is shaping up to be much better than the morning. By the grace of God, I did get a sort of do-over!

So…the tone of this post is decidedly much happier than it probably would have been had I written it around 11:00 this morning. So be glad you’re seeing me this afternoon instead!

*insert sigh of relief here*

This week’s project for Operation Escalones was hanging the vinyl saying that took forever in coming, but was totally worth the wait!

Ty and I decided about a year ago that the things that we say most should be made into a family “motto”. I mentioned it in my post here. Not quite a mission statement, but more just a quick “tagline” for our family. Words that sum up all that is important to us. We did the Scrabble wall with specific words that we hope our family displays or holds dear.

But this is different. This is something that we can sort of weigh a lot of decisions against, or that we can use as a sort of compass to guide us in our decision-making.


Love God.

Love people.

Do stuff.

First and foremost, the most important thing for us in raising our sons to be Spartans, is that they love Jesus. Nothing else really matters. If this is true about our children, we will have ultimately done our job. If our boys truly love Jesus, everything else will follow.

And if we love Jesus, and have committed ourselves to doing what He asks us to do, we will love people. We will be so overwhelmed with gratitude for what Jesus has done for us that we will love anyone and everyone around us.  It is so important to us as we help our boys to become Spartans that they recognize that life is not about them. There is a lot of need in this world, and if we love Jesus, we must be aware of it and be willing to do what it takes to satisfy those needs in the name of Jesus.

Lastly, it is so important to Ty and me that we don’t just have things. We do things.

This is a part of our lives that is often either completely misunderstood, or not understood at all.

We are busy people, and our lives are full. I’ve mentioned before that I love having things to do all the time. I don’t like when life gets too busy, but we definitely lead a full life — and that is just how we like it.

My mom used to tell my sister and me, “You can either choose to have things or do things. We choose to do things.”

And this is the choice that Ty and I have made also. We choose to do things.

Yes, we have very nice things. We’ve been very blessed. But if it ever came down to a choice between buying something or having an experience, we will always choose to do things.

We have been so blessed to be able to travel many places, with and without our kids. As a family, we have driven and flown all over the country. Ty and I have been out of the country. We love to try new things (yes, I’ve been sky diving).

For Christmas this year, we asked our parents to give more experience-based gifts, rather than toys or more stuff. And our parents, thankfully, not only understood, but delivered big time. Our kids so very much enjoy the time that they spend with their grandparents, and they are excited to go on different adventures, either alone or together, with each set of grandparents. Have I mentioned how grateful I am for my kids’ grandparents?? 

In this family, we do things. I recently read a book called “Love Does” by Bob Goff. It only served to fuel and confirm this desire to do things. The basis of the book is that if you truly love someone, you will do the things that it takes to love them — not just say it. You will be with that person regularly, you will run to their aid, you will offer your presence instead of words, and you won’t talk of helping…you will help. Love does things.

So in this family, we will do these three things. We will love God, love people, and do stuff.

And now, our big picture ledge above the entry has become one of my favorite spots in the house. It reminds us every day that these are the things that this family of Spartans has committed to do. Every day.

Do you have a family motto? Do you like being busy and doing things as much as we do? 

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