Operation Escalones {#1}

Operation Escalones {#1}

Happy Monday all!

So the graphics today are not what they should be, but bear with me while I start a new blogging process, okay? I’m on a new adventure with all of this! Did you miss what happened? Check it out here!

Anyway…on to Operation Escalones! Not sure what I’m talking about, you can read my post about the name change here!

Operation Escalones: Project Donate Crap.

Okay, seriously. You know how sometimes, you go through your stuff and you start putting together a pile of stuff that you don’t need anymore, and you realize that you really have so much stuff, and that a lot of it is not that great of stuff? That’s been me lately.

After the garage sale (see the craziness here), I started looking at all my stuff and was so sad to have to even bring it home. Instead, my mom and I took all the price tags off, drove straight to the donation bins, and dropped them off! Done and done!

Whew what a good feeling! I love purging!

When we lived in our smaller house, every inch of closet space was valuable. The name of the game was “storage.” It was a challenge to get everything in the right place, and an even bigger challenge to find right place for everything.


Can anyone relate to this?! I know I’ve felt like this is my house on more than one occasion.

As we were contemplating buying our new house, I had two goals. First, I wanted to have a lot more storage than we had. And secondly, I didn’t want any of it to be overflowing. One of my favorite things about this new house is all the closet space it has — and how empty all the closets are!

It’s much easier to keep barely filled closets organized than it is to manage overflowing closets. I mean, who doesn’t live a good organized closet?


Did you swoon? I did.

I should’ve cleaned out my closets better when I lived in a smaller space. But alas, it was too daunting with so much stuff crammed into one space. Is this a linen closet? Or is it a game closet? Well what about all of this miscellaneous stuff…where would that go? I wish I had, though. I could’ve thought much more clearly, I think.

So now that I’m in a bigger space, I’m determined to keep it more organized and to purge much more thoroughly. I will NOT succumb to the idea that the more space I have, the more stuff I’m able to have. No sir! This girl is determined to be a better giver-awayer (I do that alot – just make up words…but it works, doesn’t it?), and an even better stuff-buyer (seriously, it’s fun, give this word thing a try!).

It’s also a goal of mine to teach my kids how to be generous and give of themselves. I’ve really tried to make them a big part of going through all of our stuff and explaining that we are called to take care of those who have less than we do. Part of growing my boys into Spartans is teaching them to look outside of themselves and recognize need around them.

So with all of that said…

Here is my project list for Operation Escalones, but I can’t figure out how to edit it from the iPad, yet, so just pretend the task of giving stuff away is crossed off, okay? I’ll figure it out soon.

Project List #2

It feels almost as good to just have it done, but the maniac in me likes to see it crossed off the list. I’m the one who adds a task to the to-do list just to cross it off. Did I just lose some friends on account of being crazy? Yikes! I said I’d be totally honest here, didn’t I? Anyway, I’ll fix it soon.

Are you completing any project? Are you a giver-awayer? Or are you a much more discerning stuff-buyer? Most importantly, are you a word maker-upper??


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