On Ty’s Birthday…

On Ty’s Birthday…

Yesterday was Ty’s birthday and he turned 28. So today, in honor of him…

28 reasons (among the million reasons) why I’m totally in love with Ty.

1. When he gets home from a long day of work, he always has enough energy to play sports with the boys in the loft. And I mean…PLAY sports. The ceiling sounds like it’s going to fall in. The light fixtures rattle. And laughter abounds. He announces them like they’re playing at Madison Square Garden, and they l-o-v-e it. He also makes our kids shake hands at the end of every game they play with each other, win or lose, and tell each other that they had a good game.

2. He arranges his schedule at work to be at any and every event. He doesn’t miss any friends’ birthdays, other kids’ birthdays, dinners, school plays, and even makes time to have lunches at the park in the middle of the day.

3. He never says “no” when I ask to go out for a girls’ night.

4. He takes me on dates regularly, and knows exactly what to plan!


5. Both of us love to watch the same shows, so we never have to suffer through each other’s shows. And we get to snuggle up on the couch and watch our shows together.

6. He does bedtime with the boys. This has always been one of the sweetest things he does. When he suffers through whining, fighting back against pajamas and teeth brushing…it’s just such a blessing to me. At the end of the day, adding this last battle to the rest we’ve fought throughout the day is sometimes so overwhelming. Plus, he gets the sweet time when they snuggle. Bonus!

7. He volunteers his time to many different causes and people. He’s very generous with his time.

8. He gets up early to go to work when the rest of us are still sleeping so that he can come home earlier at night so that we actually get to spend time together as a family.

9. He takes out the trash. I hate taking out the trash.

10. He loves to travel as much as I do. We love going places, and he makes it a priority to take us all over the place to see new things, visit family, or have fun. Whether it’s with the kids or not, he is a great travel partner. He tries things, takes tours of local attractions, is adventurous, and goes with the flow no matter where we are.


11. He takes us to church every week. I love that he makes it a priority, and I never have to ask if we’re going. The ways that our lives have benefitted from going to church are immeasurable.

12. In that same vein, he took the initiative to join a life group through our church. We have met weekly for 2 years, and if we are in town, we don’t miss. That is a big commitment for him to make while owning his own business, and he makes it happily. This group has been huge for our marriage and our family.

13. I don’t work. He works so hard because it’s important to us that I stay home with our kids. We have never wanted for anything, and he sacrificially works hard and shoulders the burden of providing for our family alone.

14. He takes our kids on bike rides, golf cart rides, wagon rides, skateboard rides…and carries them and their gear back when their “legs get tired!”

15. When we watch sports, he explains the rules, the players, the teams to our kids. They love to learn fundamentals, strategy, and outcomes of the games we watch. He explains the players, who they are, what they do. Most importantly, he teaches them about being a good sport. Sportsmanship is the most important part of playing sports to us, and he makes sure that they see good and bad examples of sportsmanship. He also explains the good choices that some of the players make off the field, and how that makes him respect them even more. This will be such a huge part of why my kids will become Spartans.


16. He reads the Bible with our kids every night.

17. Every two years, my mom’s side of the family has a family reunion where we all stay in the same house for a whole week. We play games, do puzzles, do crosswords…are total nerds, and he participates happily. He loves my family so deeply, and is so excited to go. Who can say that?!


18. He has a strong relationship with my parents. It’s amazing to say that he can talk to my parents to give or get advice, and makes plans to hang out with them just for fun for no reason.

19. I make no money. But he never EVER questions how I spend it.

20. He gives legs to any idea I have with no objections, and with an open mind and wallet. 🙂 100 scrabble tiles on the wall?  No problem! (see it here). Drive overnight to Colorado just for a day? What time do we leave? Sometimes it’s even his idea!!!

21. When I start planning a party in my over-the-top way, he steps out of the way and lets me do my thing. And then loves it when it all comes together.

22. He is a man of integrity. Even when it costs him, he does the right thing.

23. He is involved in our community. He is the president of the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce where we live, he’s the president of Paladin Sports Outreach (check out the website here), and he sits on the board of directors for the Youth Leader Summit (a conference started by a close friend in Minnesota for youth workers).


24. He always get in the pool with my kids when I don’t want to – usually because it’s freezing!

25. He randomly leaves me notes telling me how much he loves me.

26. Before he leaves for work in the morning, when I’m still asleep, he comes to my side of the bed and prays with me.

27. About a year ago, he gathered a group of men together to meet about being better husbands and fathers. They call it their “Courageous” group. If you haven’t seen the movie “Courageous,” you should. Watch it with your husband. It’s awesome. With an idea from the movie, they had a ceremony where they wrote out resolutions to their wives and their families and had a big ceremony to present them to us. They sent a driver to collect all of us to take us to get manicures, and spent all day making us a 4-course (and delicious) meal. Seriously…I love that man.

28. He is a gifted teacher, who loves passing his knowledge on to others. He has been asked to speak throughout his company to other agents who are just starting out to give them some advice on how to be a better insurance agent. He’s been to many different states to do this, and it’s so cool to see how many people have benefited from what he knows.

Now do you see? He’s pretty amazing! Thanks for letting me brag today!

Happy Birthday, Ty!



about 6 years ago

What a wonderful man and how wonderful of you to recognize it and appreciate him.


Mary Jean

about 6 years ago

Hayley, thank you for loving my son with all your heart & soul & patience! We all love you back!!!


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