To a New Year!

To a New Year!

So I was going to post about this yesterday, but I decided that I was needed elsewhere, and that was more important. Sorry, peeps.

One of my closest friends in the whole wide world moved away from me. We needed to pack up her life and move her away from me, and then I had to curl up in a ball and, well, bawl.

Being the superb and astonishingly great friend that I am, I am thrilled for her. However, being the true friend that I am, I am secretly hoping she gets lost on the way there and just decides to turn around and come back home in a flurry of laughter and tears and full of apologies that she won’t ever leave again, and she didn’t really even mean to leave in the first place because she can’t live without all of us and our wonderful selves.

Okay, I couldn’t help it. The situation calls for some drama. I’m a mess about it. I have been crying on and off for a few days. And also, you’re not the boss of me, so I can be as melodramatic as I want.

But since I couldn’t write this post yesterday, I’m writing it today. Pretend it was yesterday, okay?

Today, this post is about what I see in my 2015, and what I can now see about what has happened with the achievement of my goals in 2014 (hint…it’ll make you feel better about yours).

Last year, at the beginning of the new year, I wrote a post about how much I don’t like to write a list of resolutions that can’t be quantified.

So I gave a big list of things that I wanted to do in 2014, and put numbers to them to hold me accountable. Aren’t I just the most clever?

Turns out that I wasn’t as successful as I thought I’d be. I suppose that’s the way it goes with goals a lot of times, isn’t it? I wanted to read a book a month, and I am proud to say that I surpassed that goal, and also a little sad to say, it’s the only goal I achieved completely.

I wanted to make more meals with only real food, and I did a great job with it until recently, when life fell apart (More drama, I know. It’s just spilling over into everything. I’ll get a handle on it another day.). I think that I can trace it back to Noah starting kindergarten. Or more specifically, when he went to full-day. I think I started eating my feelings, and it just so happens my feelings really like junk food and sugar. I’ll put that on the list for 2015 again….

Another goal was that I would have a date a month with each of my kids separately. I definitely didn’t do this like I thought that I would. But I will tell you why. This year, my kids really blossomed into being the sweetest of friends. Okay, they still fight like brothers, and it’s not to say that they can’t be apart from each other, but I just mean that they started to really, truly enjoy their time together, and it hasn’t really occurred to me to separate them like I thought I’d want to on a regular basis. So I guess, overall, I’m not that mad about that. Ha!

The last specific goal I had was to have “no TV” Tuesdays. We did AWESOME with this until summer. And then let’s get real for a second here…it was hot enough to bake your insides so we spent a lot of time in the pool lest we become a little bit of Arizona soufflé, and for some Tuesdays we stayed inside. I don’t know what happened, but I’m pretty sure that the desert fairies came and turned the television on, and from there on out, we were at the mercy of the desert fairies. Yeah, I think that is what happened. We’re going with that.

So here’s the deal.

I’m making some new goals this year, knowing what I know about last year and its goals.

Without further ado…

PHYSICAL GOAL – Go to bed at 10:00 one night a week.

I think that a lot of my impatience, backed up to-do lists, and frustrations could be solved by getting more sleep. Here’s the problem, though. I am very much not a morning person. Well, unless we count the wee hours of the morning as morning. Then I’m a big morning person. But that only counts if I’ve been awake all of the hours leading up to the wee hours. If I was asleep first and then woke up in the wee hours, I’m a monster. Straight up. A sad, frightened, angry monster.

I digress…I’m a night person. But guess what? The world functions as if we are all morning people. Unfair, I know. For some insane reason, I must be awake at ungodly hours like 7:00 in the morning. Multiple times a week. Don’t ask me how I do it. Only by the grace of Jesus, people. So one night a week, I will put my stubborn self in the bed at 10:00.


Due to being a high-strung, stressed out, multi-tasking mom of little people, I am sometimes not really here when I’m here. Know what I’m saying? I’m in my to-do list. I’m answering emails on the computer. I’m planning dinners at dinner. I know you know what I’m talking about.

I need to be more present in the moment. When something’s happening, I’d like to be there to remember it. When someone is talking to me, I definitely want to hear what they’re saying. If my kids are asking insane questions, I want to respond with insane answers (“I’m not sure why a table is called a table, but I’m pretty sure the committee for the naming of common objects felt this was the best option, so I trust their opinion.”). I don’t want to miss more things because I’m trying to do or plan other things.

I want my boys to know that a Spartan is greatest when they are in tune with the world around them, and the people in it. When they’re listening for the promptings and whispers of Jesus. Amazing things happen when you’re here for the now.

I want to be here for the now.

BLOG GOAL – Instagram

Ha! This one is hands down the most fun.

I have rejoined Instagram, people. It’s about to get crazy!!

I joined a few years ago and posted exactly 14 posts. And then forgot Instagram existed. But I’m back and ready to rock and roll!

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 7.51.50 PM

Last year, I did a cool project all year. It wasn’t really a goal, but more of a challenge for myself. I took a picture every single day of 2014. If I took 100 pictures on a certain day, I chose one to kind of speak for the day. I got the idea initially from my cousin’s wife and she has done it for a few years now. Then I started seeing people doing it with all kinds of themes and fun variations, and I was hooked. I love the collection I have from last year!

But this year I want to share them with you on Instagram! I’ll still be on Facebook, but this is me joining 2015 with all of the gusto I can muster!

My cousin’s wife labels them and captions them and they’re all organized. My friend who does it has great titles for each picture to add to the pizazz.

I’m just going to be honest with you, because that’s what we do here.

That probably ain’t happenin’. Because I probably just can’t even.

Let’s count it as a win that I get all the pictures taken and loaded to Instagram, okay?

But that brings me to my favorite part – come follow me on Instagram! Show me the ropes. Tag me in pictures. Teach me your ways, Instagrammers!

My username is hschrauf, and I hope that you come and check this fun project out and be a part of it with me. I need your knowledge and your friendship (wait, is it something else if you’re on Instagram. Oh, help.).

 * * * * *

People, I hope that this year is more about living and loving than about lists and resolutions. I hope that you are able to give yourself grace if you don’t follow through on your goals.

At the heart of all of this, I hope that you take this new and fresh start to find out where Jesus is going, and you let Him bring you along.

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