New Project – Project Elephant!

New Project – Project Elephant!

If you’ve never visited the blog  5 Days 5 Ways, you must! She’s amazing, and she has so much fun every day on her blog! Someday I’ll be  like Abbie…


Already, we share the love of the parentheses, so it just may happen!

Aaannyywaaaay… of her new projects is what she calls “Project Elephant“.

five days five ways | project elephant

The idea behind it:

Q: How do you eat an elephant?

A: One bite at a time!

So she’s taking her big list of projects that she wants to get done, and she’s breaking it down into smaller bites!


So…me too! I’m taking her challenge and I’m jumping in with both feet! I plan on having a project update every Monday. Let’s see how that goes! 🙂 I will be tackling one doable project at a time. Hopefully, those all add up to be one grand project after another!

So here is my Project Elephant list:

Project Elephant #1

You’ll notice that there is a secret project…it’s a secret because it’s a gift, so I can’t reveal it just yet, but I will very soon! It’s going to be a fun project, so I’m excited to do it and then reveal it!

So stay tuned on Monday for the (hopefully) completed project!

Wanna join? Let me know what your projects are in the comments! 


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