New April Fools

New April Fools

Honestly, April Fools Day is not really my favorite holiday.

Even though I wasn’t excited about it, when Ty and I were first married, we pretty much played all of our April Fools Day cards.

Ty told me that he had changed his mind and that he never wanted to have kids (when we both agreed that we would probably have six). In retaliation, I later ransacked our condo to give the illusion that we had been robbed.

I cried, then he panicked, and we both agreed that we would probably never outdo ourselves without causing some real emotional damage to each other. So we made a pact — no more pranks.

So today, I don’t have much in the way of ideas for April Fools Day.

But I do have something that I would like to suggest.

Can we have an April Blessing Day?

Can we bless people instead of pranking them today?

April Fools Day

Here are some ideas for easy ways to bless people today. I hope you take a quick second to do one of these for someone (or more!) in your life.

Send a card to a friend who lives far away letting them know that you’re thinking of them.
Bake some cookies for a neighbor.
Invite someone over for a cup of coffee and conversation (forget what your house looks like — just clear a spot on the table for a couple mugs…that should be just fine).
Pay for someone’s drink behind you at Starbucks.
Email a link to a funny video to someone you know is having a rough day. 
Take your kids on a spontaneous ice cream date!
Send a word of encouragement or a Bible verse to someone.
Bring flowers to someone in the hospital.

You can do any number of things. This is just a tiny list to get you started!

While we’re on the subject, though…I would love to hear what your favorite pranks were for April Fools Day (past or present)! Tell me your story! 

Then leave me a comment and let me know what you did to bless someone today! Or let me know how someone blessed you!

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about 6 years ago

Neal tried to prank me this morning. Told me he scratched the car yesterday. I said 'Good' because I had backed into a mail box last week and his scratching it made me feel better. His prank didn't work. I just made a call and am getting ready to send a note. Thanks for the suggestion.


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