My Facebook Life Honesty

My Facebook Life Honesty

I read yet another article about the truthfulness of Facebook the other day, and it got me thinking.

We’ve all heard a saying naming Facebook someone’s highlight reel. And it’s so very true. But that’s not how I want to live my life, and it’s certainly not how I want to be with you here in this special place.

I’m totally guilty of this, and for the most part, I think we are all doing it somewhat unintentionally.

Who really ever thinks to post a picture of their kids being disobedient or throwing a fit? When I’m drowning in laundry, do I really think to come up for air and snap a quick pic?

It’s much easier to just post pictures of your kids smiling or doing something fun, because those are the things you want to remember.

But sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in everyone else’s highlights while being lost in your own regular life and feel some emotions that aren’t ideal.

Jealousy, loneliness, inferior, ungrateful.

So just to remind you what life really looks like behind the Facebook curtain, here’s just a little glimpse into my life this week. These pictures were taken yesterday, after week #2 of Spring Break, and Ty was out of town for the weekend.

If I’m being honest, I will tell you that I wasn’t too tired to pick up. I wasn’t too busy (though we were super duper busy cramming all of life into the last week of break), and I wasn’t overwhelmed.

I was simply being lazy.


See the pans from the Rice Krispie treats I made on Friday and then cut and wrapped at the coffee table? I didn’t even move them to the sink.

That’s all paperwork that needs to get dealt with sometime when I can actually sit down and focus on 300 individual little tasks all at once. So, I’m guessing not any time soon.

Looking at the mess, I would think, “Yeah. I don’t feel like doing this right now. Probably not tomorrow, either. We’ll play it by ear.”

I just plain and simple didn’t care.

At all.


See what time it was? I had spent the last three hours watching TV and browsing Pinterest. I totally could have done something about this mess. I was just too lazy.

Need a plate? Grab one out of the dishwasher. Less to empty whenever I decide to pull things back together.

Really, that’s just good planning ahead, if you ask me.

Coming home from the park – just leave the bag on the counter in case we go again sometime in the next…ever. Hopefully I at least remember to put the fridge stuff away so I don’t have to throw it all away tomorrow.


Nope. Got distracted.

Need to eat at the table? Just move stuff to the side. It’s a lesson in stacking and balance.

See? We’re learning things.

I couldn’t even bear the thought of cooking. Dinner out!

There were clothes all over the floor from the countless wardrobe changes my kids made all week long.


You guys, there were dishes in the sink for over 5 days. I was definitely dreading the smell. I’m not gonna lie…I gagged when I finally did the dishes.


Even my bathroom was in shambles.


Just whatever.

Our teeth were clean and no one would ever guess the state of our disheveled home based on how we looked, so I count that as a win.

This isn’t a lesson in seizing the moment and choosing to live my life instead of caring about my house. I had time to do both.

I just chose to sit down and watch TV when I got the kids to bed rather than clean. I chose to sleep in instead of waking up to do some laundry before we left for the day. I made the decision to leave things where they didn’t belong because, well, walking that far sounded…hard.


Yesterday, school started again, and I decided that it was probably time to pull it back together. And again, in the spirit of honesty, it didn’t even take me that long. Being lazy didn’t even set me back that far. The whole downstairs mess (including dishes) and two loads of laundry took a little over an hour.

I didn’t even learn my lesson.

Here’s to hoping that you can see past the glowing, matching outfitted, perfectly filtered, cheerful posts of your feed today and remember that their life is just as normal and roller coaster-y as yours.

Love you!

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Jody Jackson

about 5 years ago

So very true and refreshing............


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