Little Moments

Little Moments

I’m in a season. A busy season. A long…long…busy season.

Things are crazy around here, and sometimes I feel like we are all in survival mode. And you know what? I’m sad. I feel like we don’t have a lot of time together, or that I specifically have a lot of time for others — especially my family.

But I was just reading a post by Paul David Tripp called “The Significance of Little Moments” and I felt refreshed and encouraged, and still a little convicted. 

He’s talking about marriage in this article, but it applies to my kids, too. He said something that changed my perspective of this busy season that I am in.

Paul David Tripp Quote

This is what I need to remember. Right now, our life is full of lots of big things that take bigger chunks of time.

But we need to remember to cherish the little moments. I love little moments with my family. When one of the kids says something really funny, or has a great story to tell about their day…I just love to soak it in. My favorite memories of my kids and my husband are those little moments. Snuggling, singing, playing, laughing…these are all just tiny snapshots of joy.

There are also times of sadness, disappointment, fear, or loneliness. I think these are the ones that I fly right by the most. There are negative things that are huge, and those are met with grit and determination and a sense of purpose. But what about the little negative moments?

When my kids are sad about something, I dismiss it. In my busy world, their lost toy, their fear of something unknown, disappointment, or lack of someone to play with is inconvenient. But those are some of the best little moments. It’s during these times that I need to remember to stop, bend down, look in my kids’ eyes, and hear their problem or their pain, and then wrap them in my arms and comfort them.

I need to hear my husband’s frustration, stress, disappointment, apprehension. Taking the time to do this makes such a big impact — many times more than being present in the happy times.

I am grateful for the reminder in my busy life to slow down and be present in the little moments.

The character and quality of my life is molded and sculpted in the minutes that I spend both rejoicing and comforting, playing and picking up the pieces.

I hope that my life is forged by moments of togetherness and tenderness, during both the good times and the bad.

What about you? Do you have those times where you just forget to stop and look around you and be present in the little moments? Have ideas to be more aware of the little moments? Leave me a comment to tell me about it — I love to hear from you! 

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