I’m Just In It

I’m Just In It

Hello again sweet friends!

I feel like it has been far too long since I’ve written to you all! I’ve been jonesing for some time to write and I just haven’t been getting it!

On some level, I’d love to write every day. But let’s be honest….I’m kind of a spaz and I don’t quite find the time every day. Or most days.

I think I talk a lot about being in a funk. I get in them for a couple days every few weeks, I suppose. I think it’s just feeling like I’ve been doing the same thing over and over and I get…for lack of a better word, bored. I feel like I just kind of numb out until I am jolted back to reality that my life is so wonderful and I need to be reminded that I am so so grateful.

I don’t have any deep insights for you today, or anything really special to share. I just wanted to let you know that I’m in it with you. I’m in the daily grind. The Christmas take-down. The recalibrating schedules after break. The part where you feel lonely and sometimes unnoticed. The “I just did the dishes, how are there more?” part of life. The zombie when I wake up, zombie when I lie down. It’s chilly, and it’s dark until late in the morning and early at night.

My house looks like this, people. All of it.


(And for the record, you can see that my Christmas tree is still up in the background. I can’t take it down by myself, so there it sits until I have a taller grownup to help me. It might be a Valentine’s tree. Um, don’t judge me. It’s totally a thing. Or it will be. You’ll see.)

I’m just in it with you.

The mundane, and the messy.

And the best part?

So. Is. Jesus.

I woke up this morning and from the depths of my soul, I just whispered, “Just be with me today.”

Do you ever just feel like all you can say to Jesus is, “Could you just…not leave me?”

Today was that day. All I had left for Jesus today was a silent plea to simply be right with me.

So all I have for you is this — you are not alone.

I see you. Jesus sees you.

Power on, dear friend. Power on.

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