The Hidden Mother’s Day

The Hidden Mother’s Day

Do you ever feel like sometimes you are on the outside looking in? Or on the outside crying, moaning, and aching, while everyone else is in and so joyful about it?

Sometimes I think we forget that this happens so much on this very day – Mother’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong.

I know that today is a wonderful day!

Good mothers are exceptional human beings. Attentive, involved mothers change the course of history. Loving mothers are to be adored. So many things make us all thankful for mothers.

And they most certainly should be celebrated. If you appreciate your mother, for the love of all loves, please shout that appreciation from the rooftops (and for heaven’s sake, please do it more than just on Mother’s Day!).

But what about the hidden side of Mother’s Day? Those who have lost their mothers or have lost a child? What about people whose mothers were unkind or worse? Or those who have estranged relationships with their children? Some people feel conflicted between stepmothers and their own mothers.

There are children who have been adopted and long to know their birth mothers, and birth mothers who remember the children they don’t get to know. Children wait in limbo in the foster care system, waiting to see if there is a mother that will choose them to love. There are women who are, at this very moment, longing, begging, pleading for the chance to love a child as their own.

Mother’s Day is a very big deal. But sometimes Mother’s Day is hard.

For some, today is a big deal because it’s a big struggle. It’s emotional for all of us — but for some, that emotion is not all positive.

So here’s my request — please show kindness and love to all of the people around you today.

On this Mother’s Day, there is a lot of joy, pampering, breakfasts in bed, and fawning over mothers — just as there should be!

But today there are also people around us silently enduring the pain that Mother’s Day brings. Let’s have a little extra sensitivity and love for those experiencing this side of the holiday.

To those of you for whom today is a day to endure — I’m so sorry for your hurt and your pain that is exacerbated today. May you draw close to Jesus. I pray that He comforts you, holds you up, and sustains you through this day. You are a Spartan.

To you mothers for whom this day is very special — Happy Mother’s Day!

May you be taken care of, feel appreciated, and enjoy this day devoted to honoring you! I hope you receive handmade cards, kid-wrapped presents, and a nap. You are amazing, and what you do is so hard and often under-acknowledged. Thank you for what you do. You are a Spartan.

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