Gratitude to Grandparents

Gratitude to Grandparents


This weekend was a great weekend, but I spent all of it sick!

So, the project that I was going to do for Project Elephant (read about it here) didn’t get done! I know. Slacker.

I will do two this week. It’s fall break for my kids, so we will have some more time to be at home (and hopefully sleep in — this mom is exhausted!).

So, just a reminder, here is my Project Elephant list as it was last week (and how it stayed this week):

Project Elephant #1c

So instead, today I want to talk about something else — something that made itself front and center this past week.

I am super grateful for grandparents. Specifically, I am super grateful for my boys’ grandparents.

Growing up, I never lived close to any set of grandparents, so seeing my grandma meant a trip and lots of concentrated time, special treats, and usually recapping life events and catching up.

But something really cool has happened now that we live close to both sets of our parents. Our kids know our parents. Our parents know our kids. They have done bedtime with my kids, they know their favorite foods and favorite movies, they endure meltdowns, we go on short and long trips together.

They are a huge blessing to Ty and me, as well. I was sick all weekend, and we happened to be out of town with Ty’s parents. Ty’s mom kept the kids so that I could lay down when I felt dizzy.

When we were heading out to school the other day, my kids started jumping up and down with excitement. I didn’t understand why until I got to the car.

Chalk letter to boys

My dad (Grandpa) had written them a message in chalk outside the van on his morning run by our house (they live in our neighborhood).

It is so special to have all four grandparents close and involved in their lives. They are all even helping us to stay on track with October Unprocessed (check out the post about it here), which is so cool, considering that grandparents are so often associated with spoiling with sugar. I mean…don’t get me wrong, they spoil my kids every chance they get. But they’re helping us to transition to spoiling with activity and time, rather than with food. Isn’t that awesome?

They take the kids to the gym to play basketball, or to the park to play baseball. Our kids run to the door every time the doorbell rings in hopes that it’s one of them. They’ve cleaned for me, done handyman projects all over our house, and have spent many a conversation encouraging me and reminding me that we are good parents.

So…with gratitude to all of our parents, here are some awesome pictures of them being present in everyday moments of our kids’ lives.

Papa and boys making juice

This is one of the boys’ favorite things to do — making fresh-squeezed orange juice for breakfast after a sleepover at Papa’s! This is usually accompanied by bacon, since Papa’s a sucker and knows my boys l-o-v-e bacon (who doesn’t??).

Nonni and the band

This is my mom (Nonni) listening to the boys rock out at our old house. This was the guest room Nonni and Grandpa’s room. Weren’t they lucky to have a drum set in their room?!

Grandpa and Aidan driving boat

This was our last trip to Lake Havasu last year. The boys love to drive the boat with Grandpa!

Nonni and Aidan floating

I can’t believe Aidan got in the middle of lake, but of course Nonni got him to do it — she’s got a magic touch! He can swim like a pro, but I thought the expanse of water and having to wear his life jacket would freak him out. But not when he’s got his Nonni!

Grandma and the boys

This is at a random parade in our town (like, not 4th of July or any sensible parade holiday). Fun to go to a parade with Grandma!

Nonni and Grandpa car racing

What’s better than racing cars before breakfast with Grandpa and Nonni? Not much.

One more incredible blessing about our parents. They are great friends! We have done holidays together, we have dinner together randomly, and they hang out together on their own (like without us or any grandkids…). Incredible, right?

Schraufs at Car's Wedding

This is Ty’s family at my sister’s wedding. That’s how close our families are!

Gary and Dad playing Just Dance

This is after a dinner at Ty’s parents’ house. That is Grandpa and Papa playing Just Dance 3 on the Wii…they did awesome!

So to sum it up, I’m so grateful for such wonderful grandparents for our boys. They will be a huge part of my boys becoming Spartans.

Next Monday, we will be back to a project completed. This week, though, I just couldn’t ignore the welling up of gratitude I’ve been feeling toward our parents. Because if it weren’t for their help and kid entertaining, almost none of the Project Elephant projects would ever get done in the first place!

Do you have parents or grandparents that are just awesome? Are you an awesome grandparent? Tell me about it in the comments!


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