Friday’s Five Faves {#4}

Friday’s Five Faves {#4}

Happy Friday!!!

Starting on Tuesday, my house will be taking the challenge Unprocessed October to eat unprocessed food as much as possible. We are taking the challenge through the blog Eating Rules (check the guide out here).

I’m so very much a rookie at this, so I will be stumbling my way through it for the month. BUT…I’m determined!

Part of raising Spartans means feeding them food that is the best for their bodies. We’ve made this switch for so many parts of our lives already, but we have a long way to go still. This October will hopefully help to launch us a big step closer to eating almost all real food. I started out using the blog 100 Days of Real Food (check her blog out here)  to guide me in the switch. I have found both of these websites to be so helpful in gaining some education and perspective about the foods that we eat.


Here are my Five Faves for this challenge!


A favorite snack for my kids is what we call the “Funky Monkey.” It’s a graham cracker sandwich with peanut butter and banana. Now I can make these as a similar snack and can cut out the {super processed} graham crackers.

Funky Monkeys



These look refreshing! As long as the yogurt is whole fat, plain, and organic (and maybe sweetened with honey), these will be on the challenge! Too bad it’s almost time for strawberries to be out of season here! 🙁

Frozen Yogurt Strawberries



My friend Machelle recommended this recipe to me. She said she loved the addition of the oatmeal. Now I’ve gotta try it!

Oatmeal Smoothies



These are from the 100 Days of Real Food recipe index.

I made these for my boys a few weeks ago (like 35 of them the size of the waffles in the picture…I tripled the batch) and they loved them! Noah likes blueberry waffles, so I added some blueberry puree to the second half of the batch. Put these in a freezer bag and pull them out and toast as needed! Top with some 100% maple syrup, and these are DELICIOUS!




Dinner is always a lot easier for me to make healthier for some reason. Maybe because I plan to make it. Lunch always sneaks up on me! I never know what to eat for lunch. Maybe if I could do something like this at the beginning of the week, or just a day or two in advance, it might keep me on track! Plus, I love a good salad!

Salad in a Jar


Have any recipes to share with me for this challenge? Leave them in the comments please! I need all the help I can get! 

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