Friday Five Faves {#8}

So if you read my post on the book “Women Living Well” (check it out here), you will know that I’ve just started the book, but that I’m loving it already!

One of the things that the author, Courtney Joseph, addresses is spending time using technology.

I’ve really started to think about how we’re using technology in our house. I definitely need to cut back my time using technology of all sorts! Now that i don’t have my computer (see why here), I’m starting to understand more fully how much it was and is a part of my life. However, I realize that it’s not something we can escape completely, nor do we want to. It can be useful if we use it properly and make sure we put parameters on its use.

So…today’s five faves are about the things I really like about the way we use technology in our house (since we’re not fighting as much now that I’m coming to term with my predicament)!!



This remote is AWESOME. You can program 7 channels into the remote. It can also be programmed to turn on the TV. But the best part about it is that when it turns on the TV, it automatically turns it on to the channel programmed onto the #1 button. So when the kids turn on the TV, it doesn’t stay on whatever random channel it was on when the TV was turned off, but is on an already pre-approved channel. My kids love having this remote and they feel like they have a little freedom, but the content is totally controlled by me!

And at $10, it’s a total steal!


We have this Bible in both a hardback, and on my Kindle. This Bible was recommended to us by the leaders of our life group and I love it! It’s got vibrant colors and the way the stories are written are so engaging and pull Noah (who is almost 5) right in. Every story ends with how that particular story points to Jesus. It’s a little more than Aidan wants to sit still for, but sometimes I throw this in the rotation for Noah. Extra points, when we travel, we have their Bible without having to pack it!


This is an app that has proven to be so valuable that I have paid for the full membership. Ty and I can both be connected to the same calendar, make updates, share shopping lists, etc. very worth it! Plus, if you sign up for the full membership, you get some free stuff, too. 🙂 I would’ve paid for it either way, but that was just a bonus!


All of these apps are well-used by my boys when they are on my phone. I really have only paid for two apps (Cozi is the other one, and that was the membership, not the app), and Aidan loves “FW Animals” (the one with the green background and the orange cat), so that is one of them. It’s improved their spelling immensely!


Last, but certainly not least…this! I’m loving doing this — blogging with all of you! I love what this little corner of the blog world is becoming! I am so enjoying hearing from you and I hope that you are enjoying hearing from me…you’re all changing my life so much, and I’m so excited to see what else is coming!

What are your favorite ways of using technology? Are you a technology junkie and need to cut back like me?

P.S. No one paid me for any reviews or anything…these are just my opinions!

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