Friday Five Faves {#17} – Gala Hair

Friday Five Faves {#17} – Gala Hair

It’s Friday! Tonight we have a big fundraiser gala for the non-profit that Ty and I are a part of in our area.

It’s a themed dinner, where each table has a different theme. Our theme is masquerade!

I was really stumped about what to do with my hair. I need a hairstyle that will be conducive to wearing a mask that ties on the back of my head. I am thinking about doing some hair up, some hair down….we’ll see. So I went to Pinterest.

And let me tell you, there are a lot of things on Pinterest, and most of them are ideas I wish I could do, but will never be able to recreate. So many of them have tutorials, and I just can’t seem to get them right — ever.

So today, my top 5 fave things are hairstyles that I wish I could recreate…and barring any professional help, will never get to do.


This is Kate Middleton, and I pretty much love everything that she does.

This hairstyle is no exception.




This is pretty intricate, but I love it!

And surprisingly, the flowers are pretty! Not usually my thing, but they work!




Seriously, does Carrie Underwood ever get it wrong?




This looks like it would simple in theory…it’s not.




This is Nicole Richie, and I love the hair. Very soft and delicate!

Also…if there was more fabric under the arm, I would love the dress!



Are you good at these kinds of hairstyles? Do you have a dream hairstyle? Leave a link to it in the comments! 

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about 6 years ago

Lousy at hairstyles. Did you notice my plain straight hair? Can't wait to see photos from tonight.


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