Friday Five Faves {#16} – Birthday Cake!

Friday Five Faves {#16} – Birthday Cake!

This is an exciting Friday Five Faves!

This weekend is both my birthday, and Noah’s birthday!

And you guys, there is a close runner-up to God and my family — cake.

I simply LOVE cake!

So today’s favorites are my favorites kinds of cake!


Funfetti Cake

Seriously. I don’t even really care about the cuteness of the sprinkles. I just really like the flavor! 🙂

Plus, it’s cute.




Carrot Cake

My mom’s carrot cake is still my favorite carrot cake. I am always hopeful that somewhere will be able to match hers because then it would be readily available. But alas! No one has ever even come close.

I suppose it’s not a bad thing…




Chocolate Cake

Need I say more? Look at that piece of cake!!




Cherry Cake

I’m not sure what it is about cherry cake, but I just love it. And I also really like cherry frosting. I could just lick cherry frosting off a spoon.

And that’s saying something, because for the most part, I don’t even really care about the frosting on cake.

Just. Cake.




Lemon Cake

The footnote on this kind of cake is that this does not apply to all lemon cake. Actually, I hate most lemon cake.

But my Grandma Kay makes this lemon cake that is to. die. for.

It doesn’t have frosting, just a glaze.

And she makes the cake from the lemons in her backyard.

My mouth is watering thinking about it…

I’m sorry, what was I saying? I got lost in lemon cake.

Cake! Right!


This picture is not of my grandma’s cake, so it won’t do it justice, but it’s the closest picture I could find to the deliciousness that is Grandma Kay’s lemon cake.


What about you? Do you have cake on your birthday? Do you have a favorite flavor?

I seriously want to hear about it. For reals. 



about 6 years ago

Having had both Grandma Kay's lemon cake and your mom's carrot cake, I can't agree more. Yea CAKE!


Mary Jean

about 6 years ago

Two of my favorites are on your list, your Mom's carrot cake, that she made for my birthday and I had to share, and grandma Kay's lemon cake


Mary Jean

about 6 years ago

Of course, I'd add chocolate cherry cake, German chocolate with crushed heath bars sprinkled on top of frosting, and the list goes on.


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