Friday Five Faves {#15}

Friday Five Faves {#15}

Well…it’s the Friday after the new year has begun!

It’s time to break down Christmas, and get ready for a new event around here…Noah is going to be 5 in a couple of weeks!!!

Seriously, I can’t believe it!

And around here…as much as I love parties…turning 5 is turning into quite the party!! Can’t wait to show you when it’s all over!

So I thought I would give you (and me) some great ideas for putting ornaments away. I have a TON of ornaments, remember? No? Check them out here!


This is from a website called “craptastic” which just makes me giggle. So funny! Anyway…if you could make this and make sure the box wouldn’t get bumped and push any ornaments into each other, crushing them…this would be an awesome idea! And probably relatively cheap.




This idea is great for the little round ornaments. If you have any other sized ornaments, you probably won’t be able to use this idea. But it’s great!




This idea is a little more versatile. These are apple cartons from Costco. I think you can fit some different sized ornaments in the boxes.




This is a good DIY solution for some taller ornaments…I have quite a few of those! Just some glue, plastic cups, a tub, and a piece of cardboard to fit the tub!




I actually do have this container, and I love it! I should’ve picked up more when I had the chance! It’s great to stack in the garage!



Do you have any good ideas for storing ornaments? How do you store ornaments? How long do you leave Christmas up?

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