Friday Five Faves {#10}

Friday Five Faves {#10}

This week’s five faves on Friday didn’t get done because I was getting ready for a date with Ty and I just ran out of time! But today the post is all about my outfit ideas for my date! We were going out for a friend’s birthday, so this outfit took a little more thought than our usual dates.

If you want to find these, follow me on Pinterest and they’re on my “Style” board.

Also, last week, the iPad switched pictures on me…I’m not sure how. If you looked on your phone, pictures were in the wrong order and one was even doubled…I have no idea how that happened, because on the iPad it looked perfect! I fixed it on my mom’s computer eventually, but I don’t know if it will happen again…

*sigh* I hope you’re bearing with me….

So, anyway, here were my five fave date outfit ideas!

I’m determined to find a sweater like this. It’s a perfect Arizona sweater! And it looks so so cozy!

I think this would be so cute for a Christmas party. Or maybe even a New Year’s Eve party??

I wore something very similar to this for the Christmas shopping party I had at my house this weekend — without the jean jacket, of course…it was 85 degrees! I wore a black and white chevron skirt with a black top instead.

This is close to what I usually wear because we love to do dinner and a movie — cliche, but it’s our favorite date! Movie theaters are freezing, especially here in Arizona where everyone panics about the heat and over-compensates for it with intense air conditioning.

This is closest to what I actually wore. I had a tan lacy top that I borrowed from my mom instead of the white top underneath. I wore a black and good necklace just like in the picture. And I wore nude heels (and brought flats, too, because let’s be honest…I can only last so long anymore).

What do you wear for a night out? Do you have a favorite go-to look or outfit? Or do you change it up all the time?

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