Friday Faves {#21}

Friday Faves {#21}

Welcome back Friday!

This week was a fun week — albeit a super crazy one!

Today in Arizona it’s in the upper 90’s. No joke.

I’m resisting the urge to turn on the air conditioning (especially at night when upstairs is so hot from the heat rising all day!). I feel like the first half of April is a little too early to be giving in to the heat. I’m at least waiting until after Easter. That’s reasonable, right?

We’re on our way to the pool today, so this will be a short post!


I will be a little sad when our weekends are only two days due to big-kid school starting. Fridays are the days that the boys are most likely to sleep in! This week, they were snuggled up together, and it was just too cute to resist!



Did I mention that it’s getting hot here? Saturday was a pool day! Grandpa and Nonni even got in on it, and the boys were so glad to be back in the water for a longer period of time than just a couple freezing jumps!

Noah’s a daredevil, and that thrills my dad to no end — this was one of quite a few flips that day…



After church on Sunday, we really didn’t have much to do. I know, crazy, right?

We had a friend in town from Minnesota, so relaxing at the park for a while was a great way to spend the afternoon!

Notice my to-do list in the bottom of the picture. Just because Sunday was a day to relax doesn’t mean that the rest of the week is free of tasks!



Aidan stayed home from school sick on Monday, so he and I also stayed home from the party for the NCAA National Championship game on Monday night. We went to Grandpa and Nonni’s house, instead.

Grandpa was teaching Aidan how to catch food in his mouth by using Kix. Only Grandpa….



After school on Tuesday, we had some friends over to practice T-ball before our first practice on Wednesday. This is Brooke, and she’s just too cute for words! She didn’t care in the least that her helmet was on backwards. Or about playing T-ball. She just wanted the helmet. Couldn’t you just eat her up?!



Poor Aidan stayed home from school again on Wednesday. I had some work to do at Ty’s office, so we brought his pillow pad that Ty’s mom made for him, his “snozy” blanket (snuggly + cozy), and my iPad for him to relax on the floor in Ty’s office.

Staying home from school has never been so fun!



This picture is a sneak peek at what will be coming up soon – a blog about snowflakes! The boys’ teacher Miss Becky had us over for a playdate yesterday, and we worked on making some snowflakes for her daughter Aubree’s Frozen-themed birthday party. Can’t wait to show you what we did — they’re so super cute!


Are you warming up where you are, too? What are your favorite warm-weather activities?

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about 6 years ago

Guess I need to be sure and pack my swimsuit! We are enjoying being outside and having the windows open. I love spring!


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