Friday Faves {#20} – Catch Up

Friday Faves {#20} – Catch Up

Bad blogger! Bad blogger!

It’s been three weeks since I did an official Friday Faves post!

So, rather than day by day (because let’s be honest….we can all only handle so much of my kids’ messy cuteness, right??), I will just post some of my favorites from the last couple weeks.

What a fun few weeks they have been!

The weather here in Arizona is pretty much amazing. All the time, really. I mean, sometimes I need to bring a  sweatshirt with me, and it’s like, “Geez, wasn’t someone saying something about Global Warming?”

Just teasing. I know that we are totally blessed! Nice weather means golf cart rides!


And bike rides! Even if you have to take a break for a shark’s tired legs at the mailboxes (less than one block from our house)!


We’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with family, too! Grandpa was trying to teach Aidan how to play cards…so far we’ve got hearts and diamonds down. Clubs and spades will come…


Daddy time has been so fun, too!


They love watching March Madness together…can you tell?


The boys had a field trip to the world-famous Queen Creek Olive Mill to learn how to make olive oil! It was so interesting, and the kids loved it!


Noah declared it Taco Tuesday last week. And boy did he eat some tacos!


This was a day that we had to leave the park early due to the windy weather pelting us with sand. The boys were so sad and I just didn’t have the energy to deal with the meltdown so we sat in the car and watched a movie instead. Sometimes you do what you gotta do, ya know??


These moments are so rare these days…I wish my kids still took naps! It is definitely one thing I miss about having babies. So when this happens, it is precious indeed! Until bedtime when all of a sudden they’re wired and ready to run a marathon!


How cute are these friends?!


And this face. I mean…is he my kid or what?!? Maybe he needs some fake glasses? Because seriously…how cute is he?


How have your last few weeks been? Is your weather warming up yet, or are you still stuck in the polar vortex of death? Seriously, I don’t know how you all do it. I have forgotten what it is like to live in snow. Maybe I blocked the trauma of it out? 

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