DIY Desperation

DIY Desperation

I pretty much always love doing things myself. Well almost. Laundry and dishes I’m totally fine passing off to someone else. Oh, and toilets. And dusting. OKAY!! I like doing HANDY things and CRAFTING things myself.

Anyway…DIY stuff is almost always guaranteed to hit a snag. Or seven.

I took pictures of the proof that all the projects that garner the most compliments from people have really been fought for with blood, sweat, and tears.


This was the result of trying to hang curtains that my mom made at my sister’s house. Do you see that there are approximately 100 holes? I was trying to drill only two.

You can see in one of the holes that there is what is left of a drywall anchor. It shattered into tiny pieces when I was hammering it into the hole. Also, there is apparently a random metal piece under this patch of drywall that prevented a screw from going farther than ¼” into the wall. So the drill would slip off of the screw a few rotations in and it would punch another hole in the wall. Thus the scattered holes around the whole wall.

It was exhausting!

I stripped a screw, I drilled into the back of my hand (Just slightly…but still stupid. Still painful.), and I had my arms above my head forever.

I actually had to just walk away from the project for a while. I can’t even tell you how my sister got it to work because I haven’t looked at them again. I’m a little bitter.

Need more consolation?

Minutes later, after my frustration from the curtain rod, I decided to hang a big canvas in my sister’s room.

In order to hang a canvas, the clever canvas people included this really cool way to measure the holes so that the atrocity above doesn’t happen. They give you these plastic pieces that leave a dent in the wall where the nail is supposed to go. And somehow…I screwed it up.


This is a picture I took to send to my dad to ask him how to get it unstuck from the wall.



I don’t know how it happened, but somehow this piece was literally ONE centimeter away from where it needed to be, but because the canvas is not flexible, it wouldn’t fit in the hole in the back of the canvas.

Once I realized my mistake, after groaning and pouting, I tried to pull it out. And it wouldn’t budge!

Nothing worked.

I tried prying it out with pliers, the back of a hammer, and a screwdriver!

Eventually, my sister came to the rescue again and manipulated the piece enough to squish it into the hole in the canvas.

I write this post today to let you know that not all projects go smoothly. In fact, most of them don’t.

But if you can take those hiccups in stride and just accept them as part of the game, you’ll do so much better. I’ve yet to run into a contractor, handyman, artist….really anyone, who hasn’t run into snags in their projects more often than not.

Just when you think you’ve got it down, the project hits a weird bump — like the piece of metal under the drywall to hang the curtain rod. There was no reason for that to be there, but it was nonetheless, and no one could’ve predicted that.

So I say all of these things to encourage you to keep going and not get discouraged. Understand that most of my “after” pictures have been achieved after quite a few sessions of pulling out my hair, lots of reconfiguration, new scribbling and drawing, maybe a wall bang or two, and sometimes even a little bit of crying.

So keep going!

And when you get to the end, you’ll be so glad that you did!

Are you a DIYer? How many snags would you say you hit on average per project? Do you have a good story to share in the comments? Let me know I’m not alone!! 

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