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31 Days {Day 12} – What I Wore

31 Days {Day 12} – What I Wore

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Welcome back to the 31 Days of Mary, Martha, & Sparta! If you missed it, here is the link to yesterday’s post!

Thanks for bearing with me yesterday. Today is indeed a new day, and I’m back and ready to roll!


Well, you asked for it, and I’m trying to deliver!

You asked for some posts about my clothes, so I have come up with a plan. I would like to show you what I wore to certain activities or events with and without my kids. It’s a new category called “What I Wore.”

Now before we go forward, let me put a few disclaimers out there. I am no hair expert, makeup expert, clothing expert, or really any expert of any kind.

I am willing to answer any questions you have, but as we get started, I’m not quite sure what information you guys might be looking for, so I will do my best to adjust the info I provide as we go. So please please puh-lease ask any questions you have in the comments and I will answer them for you!

Okay! All disclaimers complete! Let’s get started!

*Deep breath!*