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Friday Five Faves {#22} – Conscious Christmas

Friday Five Faves {#22} – Conscious Christmas

Well, there was a big glitch on my website on Friday. I tried to post this all day long, and then things finally got figured out over the weekend. So even though it’s not Friday anymore…I’m posting anyway. Because I can!


I have a goal this year to be done with my Christmas shopping before December 1. I already have a lot of things made and purchased for this year, so I’m well on my way. I don’t want to be stressing about shopping when I could be spending time enjoying the Christmas season with my family.

Shopping has been on my mind lately. But after this post, shopping responsibly is also weighing heavily on my mind.

So for my Friday Five Faves, I would like to give you some fun options for shopping for products that help others, too.


I can’t guarantee any of their claims, and these are my own opinions and thoughts.

31 Days {Day 9} – Friday Five Faves

31 Days {Day 9} – Friday Five Faves

31 days logo new

Welcome back to the 31 Days of Mary, Martha, & Sparta! If you missed it, here is the link to yesterday’s post!


I haven’t done a favorites post in a really long time!

But today, I am here to talk about all of my favorite shows that have started again this season! I am excited to start curling up with a snuggly blanket and a project, and diving back into my shows for this new season!

I have to admit – I have an obsession with a good story. I have to be very careful what new shows I start to watch because I get wrapped up in the story almost immediately and I want to know how it all plays out. Then I feel stressed by my DVR. I have to be very picky.

Because of my love of stories, I have a lot of shows that I really like. Although I really like the Amazing Race, I don’t really like reality TV. I’m also really selective about the comedy shows I watch, because I don’t like gimmicky humor, and I don’t like when the dad or husband is portrayed as an idiot, so that takes a lot of shows out of the running.

But I’ve noticed that crime/law dramas are totally my favorite. Police, CIA or other government agency, politics, law firms…so much good drama!! Also, I am realizing that most of my shows are on CBS. It turns out that CBS is consistently in the top spot for most viewers in the week for primetime broadcasts. They just get it right.

So without further ado, my favorite dramas returning to television this fall!!

Friday Faves {#21}

Friday Faves {#21}

Welcome back Friday!

This week was a fun week — albeit a super crazy one!

Today in Arizona it’s in the upper 90’s. No joke.

I’m resisting the urge to turn on the air conditioning (especially at night when upstairs is so hot from the heat rising all day!). I feel like the first half of April is a little too early to be giving in to the heat. I’m at least waiting until after Easter. That’s reasonable, right?

We’re on our way to the pool today, so this will be a short post!


I will be a little sad when our weekends are only two days due to big-kid school starting. Fridays are the days that the boys are most likely to sleep in! This week, they were snuggled up together, and it was just too cute to resist!



Did I mention that it’s getting hot here? Saturday was a pool day! Grandpa and Nonni even got in on it, and the boys were so glad to be back in the water for a longer period of time than just a couple freezing jumps!

Noah’s a daredevil, and that thrills my dad to no end — this was one of quite a few flips that day…



After church on Sunday, we really didn’t have much to do. I know, crazy, right?

We had a friend in town from Minnesota, so relaxing at the park for a while was a great way to spend the afternoon!

Notice my to-do list in the bottom of the picture. Just because Sunday was a day to relax doesn’t mean that the rest of the week is free of tasks!



Aidan stayed home from school sick on Monday, so he and I also stayed home from the party for the NCAA National Championship game on Monday night. We went to Grandpa and Nonni’s house, instead.

Grandpa was teaching Aidan how to catch food in his mouth by using Kix. Only Grandpa….



After school on Tuesday, we had some friends over to practice T-ball before our first practice on Wednesday. This is Brooke, and she’s just too cute for words! She didn’t care in the least that her helmet was on backwards. Or about playing T-ball. She just wanted the helmet. Couldn’t you just eat her up?!



Poor Aidan stayed home from school again on Wednesday. I had some work to do at Ty’s office, so we brought his pillow pad that Ty’s mom made for him, his “snozy” blanket (snuggly + cozy), and my iPad for him to relax on the floor in Ty’s office.

Staying home from school has never been so fun!



This picture is a sneak peek at what will be coming up soon – a blog about snowflakes! The boys’ teacher Miss Becky had us over for a playdate yesterday, and we worked on making some snowflakes for her daughter Aubree’s Frozen-themed birthday party. Can’t wait to show you what we did — they’re so super cute!


Are you warming up where you are, too? What are your favorite warm-weather activities?

Friday Faves {#20} – Catch Up

Friday Faves {#20} – Catch Up

Bad blogger! Bad blogger!

It’s been three weeks since I did an official Friday Faves post!

So, rather than day by day (because let’s be honest….we can all only handle so much of my kids’ messy cuteness, right??), I will just post some of my favorites from the last couple weeks.

What a fun few weeks they have been!

The weather here in Arizona is pretty much amazing. All the time, really. I mean, sometimes I need to bring a  sweatshirt with me, and it’s like, “Geez, wasn’t someone saying something about Global Warming?”

Just teasing. I know that we are totally blessed! Nice weather means golf cart rides!


And bike rides! Even if you have to take a break for a shark’s tired legs at the mailboxes (less than one block from our house)!


We’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with family, too! Grandpa was trying to teach Aidan how to play cards…so far we’ve got hearts and diamonds down. Clubs and spades will come…


Daddy time has been so fun, too!


They love watching March Madness together…can you tell?


The boys had a field trip to the world-famous Queen Creek Olive Mill to learn how to make olive oil! It was so interesting, and the kids loved it!


Noah declared it Taco Tuesday last week. And boy did he eat some tacos!


This was a day that we had to leave the park early due to the windy weather pelting us with sand. The boys were so sad and I just didn’t have the energy to deal with the meltdown so we sat in the car and watched a movie instead. Sometimes you do what you gotta do, ya know??


These moments are so rare these days…I wish my kids still took naps! It is definitely one thing I miss about having babies. So when this happens, it is precious indeed! Until bedtime when all of a sudden they’re wired and ready to run a marathon!


How cute are these friends?!


And this face. I mean…is he my kid or what?!? Maybe he needs some fake glasses? Because seriously…how cute is he?


How have your last few weeks been? Is your weather warming up yet, or are you still stuck in the polar vortex of death? Seriously, I don’t know how you all do it. I have forgotten what it is like to live in snow. Maybe I blocked the trauma of it out? 

Friday Faves {#19} – Spring Break!

Friday Faves {#19} – Spring Break!

Oh. My. Goodness!

“Spring Break – Week 1” has been a blur! So much so that I almost forgot to post today, because I didn’t even know what day it was!

I was hoping my kids would sleep in this week, and so far…no go. But we have had a lot of fun!!

I haven’t posted all week because I haven’t even had time to check my emails this week. If you sent me an email, sorry…I’ll get better. I hope.

So without further ado, because I have to get back to the fun (Aidan’s pulling on my arm as I peck away with one hand…) — our week in pictures!


I guess this was the first day of summer?? Considering that it’s not even the official first day of spring…that’s saying something!



Tilt-a-whirl at the Spring Festival! It took all of those little hands to make that thing spin!



We got to hear about our campus pastor’s recent trip to Egypt — complete with authentic Egyptian food! I couldn’t believe it, but Noah tried pretty much everything! He’s not a fan of falafel.



Nothing says “Spring Break” like Wreck-It Ralph with friends!



The splash pad is open!! This has totally changed how we play. My kids just love love love the splash pad, and we could spend all day at the park now that we all have a method to cool off.

Now my kids can also turn into sugar cookies. Wet kids in sand = one big summery mess.



They may not be sleeping in, but who cares when they sleep like this?! Well, I guess I care a little because I’m not sleeping since they’re both in my spot!



Love the water park with friends! Doesn’t that picture of Aidan and his friend Aubree just scream “Wedding Slideshow!!”?  *sigh* I can dream….



Also, please don’t be alarmed by the fact that you can see Noah’s ribs. I do feed my children. But don’t ask them about it — they’re pretty sure they are really wasting away to nothing pretty much every second of the day.IMG_1015

Anyone else on Spring Break yet? Have any fun plans or trips planned? Does anyone else have kids that think they have never eaten enough food? 

Friday Faves {#18}

Friday Faves {#18}

I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

Not to mention, it’s officially my kids’ Spring Break…what?!?!

In case you missed it, I’m switchin’ it up around here! 

Instead of my favorite pins from Pinterest, I’m going to be posting my favorite pictures from my 365 project. It will probably be just one from each day, but let’s be honest…sometimes my kids are so darn cute that I just can’t help but post more. You’ve been warned! 🙂


I love having my bed made, and it doesn’t happen all that often!



Going golfing! 🙂



My dad made his famous ribs with homemade BBQ sauce. Y’all…they’re to die for! (You gotta say y’all…they’re ribs!)


Speaking of my dad…look at Aidan compared to my dad’s baby picture!



Can you believe they ever fit in that teeny tiny car seat?!?!


Arizona has the best sunsets. Hands down.



Field trip day to make their own pizzas!


What’s better than pizza with friends?? (Technically, I didn’t take this, but they’re all so cute I had to include it!)





Zumba night!!

My mother-in-law made these towels for Ty for Father’s Day, but they’re so great that I use them all the time! She embroidered Bible verses about strength on towels to use while I’m working out! Genius. And so thoughtful!

Gotta bring one to Zumba since I sweat so much I could probably swim in it! Gross? Yes. But true.



Yes, this is Noah’s foot hanging out the window. He said his feet were hot from soccer…problem solved!

***Note: no, I was not driving when I took this picture, so don’t call anyone to take my kids away just yet!***


What would be your toppings on your pizza for field trip day?? 


Friday Five Faves {#17} – Gala Hair

Friday Five Faves {#17} – Gala Hair

It’s Friday! Tonight we have a big fundraiser gala for the non-profit that Ty and I are a part of in our area.

It’s a themed dinner, where each table has a different theme. Our theme is masquerade!

I was really stumped about what to do with my hair. I need a hairstyle that will be conducive to wearing a mask that ties on the back of my head. I am thinking about doing some hair up, some hair down….we’ll see. So I went to Pinterest.

And let me tell you, there are a lot of things on Pinterest, and most of them are ideas I wish I could do, but will never be able to recreate. So many of them have tutorials, and I just can’t seem to get them right — ever.

So today, my top 5 fave things are hairstyles that I wish I could recreate…and barring any professional help, will never get to do.


This is Kate Middleton, and I pretty much love everything that she does.

This hairstyle is no exception.




This is pretty intricate, but I love it!

And surprisingly, the flowers are pretty! Not usually my thing, but they work!




Seriously, does Carrie Underwood ever get it wrong?




This looks like it would simple in theory…it’s not.




This is Nicole Richie, and I love the hair. Very soft and delicate!

Also…if there was more fabric under the arm, I would love the dress!



Are you good at these kinds of hairstyles? Do you have a dream hairstyle? Leave a link to it in the comments! 

Friday Five Faves {#16} – Birthday Cake!

Friday Five Faves {#16} – Birthday Cake!

This is an exciting Friday Five Faves!

This weekend is both my birthday, and Noah’s birthday!

And you guys, there is a close runner-up to God and my family — cake.

I simply LOVE cake!

So today’s favorites are my favorites kinds of cake!


Funfetti Cake

Seriously. I don’t even really care about the cuteness of the sprinkles. I just really like the flavor! 🙂

Plus, it’s cute.




Carrot Cake

My mom’s carrot cake is still my favorite carrot cake. I am always hopeful that somewhere will be able to match hers because then it would be readily available. But alas! No one has ever even come close.

I suppose it’s not a bad thing…




Chocolate Cake

Need I say more? Look at that piece of cake!!




Cherry Cake

I’m not sure what it is about cherry cake, but I just love it. And I also really like cherry frosting. I could just lick cherry frosting off a spoon.

And that’s saying something, because for the most part, I don’t even really care about the frosting on cake.

Just. Cake.




Lemon Cake

The footnote on this kind of cake is that this does not apply to all lemon cake. Actually, I hate most lemon cake.

But my Grandma Kay makes this lemon cake that is to. die. for.

It doesn’t have frosting, just a glaze.

And she makes the cake from the lemons in her backyard.

My mouth is watering thinking about it…

I’m sorry, what was I saying? I got lost in lemon cake.

Cake! Right!


This picture is not of my grandma’s cake, so it won’t do it justice, but it’s the closest picture I could find to the deliciousness that is Grandma Kay’s lemon cake.


What about you? Do you have cake on your birthday? Do you have a favorite flavor?

I seriously want to hear about it. For reals.