Brand New Stuff!

Brand New Stuff!

Well welcome back!

This weekend was a really really awesome weekend for me. This weekend, Ty and I left the kids with our parents and flew to Minnesota to, along with some super great friends, put on the Youth Leaders Summit — a conference for youth workers.

It was the snowstorm of the century up there!

Yes. Yes…it was freezing.

And it was just so great! We had so much fun with our friends, and were just so in awe of the things that God did this weekend in the lives of the people that give of themselves to love students and bring them the good news of Jesus.

We had some weather-related issues, and by the grace of God, they incredibly worked in our favor!

Over the weekend, I had some time to really think through what my plans, hopes, and dreams were for the blog.

I initially wanted to make sure that I had days set up where I wrote about specific things. Monday was for projects, Wednesday was for life things, and Friday was for my five faves. It was really more of a way for me to get in a rhythm and have some consistency on the blog.

But I think that having that rigid of a structure was holding me up a little bit. I would have something that I would really want to do, and it would be on the wrong day, and it would fall through the cracks.

So here is the new plan.

I will still have a few different categories. I still want to do my projects, I still want to talk about my kids, and I still want to do my favorites on Fridays. I want to do some more about pairing easy outfits, and of course, there will be all the things that Jesus is teaching me. The difference is that these things will be more loosely organized schedule-wise.

The Friday Five Faves is going to be a new format. I have been doing a 365 Project this year — taking at least one picture every day of this year. The “Faves” post is going to by my favorites from that project. It will be my favorite from each day, so there will actually be seven, so it won’t be Five Faves anymore…just “Friday Faves”.

So…as a kick-off to this new format, I would like to do my top favorite pictures since the beginning of the year:















What do you think about the new format? What are you hoping to see coming up soon on the blog? 



about 6 years ago

Always love photos and love to hear what is on your heart. I am blessed by what you share.


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