And for 2016…

Well, it’s here again. The end of the year. How did this happen? I’m suppressing panic.

Last year I wrote about my goals and what things I wanted from this year.

I did a great job with most of them. I could still work on being more present, but I think that will be a lifelong goal – I’ll never arrive completely. But I will keep trying. Add it to 2016.

I was awesome about going to bed at 10:00 once a week for….like one month. I don’t know, you guys. I think I need to just accept that I’m a night owl and learn to make the best of it. I mean, I have read all of the wisdom from morning people – go to bed earlier, no electronics before bed, a calming bath before you fall asleep (or warm milk – just gag), set your alarm clock for five minutes earlier every morning.

Let’s just be honest, people – five minutes earlier every morning just means I buy myself one more snooze per day. Why interrupt my sleep like that? It’s just plain wrong.

So I’m back with new goals this year – ‘tis the season, right?


Physical Goal

This year I did something kind of crazy – something I thought that I would never ever EVER do. Like, ever. I started running. For most of my life, I’ve seen running purely as a survival skill. Are you being chased? If yes, you should run. Otherwise…gross.

But through a wild turn of events and some misfortune, I dabbled in running. Don’t worry, I didn’t get chased. Just coerced. Either way, I found myself running on a semi-regular basis, and I even did a race. There was chocolate at the end – and in the middle – so whaddya gonna do?

Anyway…now that I’ve sort of become a runner, I am just gonna jump in. I asked my friend, a runner extraordinaire, and she has decided that my first goal for this year is going to be 25K night trail run in May. I’ve been promised superb aid stations….

Intellectual Goals

For this Christmas, Ty gave me Rosetta Stone Spanish. I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish for years, and I finally feel like I’m getting to a place where I might actually be able to spend enough time to do it! So my goal is to complete the program by the end of the year. Stay tuned…

Also, a couple of years ago I had a goal to read a certain number of books. I would like to do that again this year, but up the ante. My goal is to read 20 books by the end of the year – quite a feat if I am going to be learning Spanish and homeschooling. I am willing to be flexible on this goal, but I hope that I can make it work.

I may have to break up with Netflix. Yikes.

Emotional Goal

These last few months I have really been on an emotional roller coaster. It’s been mostly downs, with a few high highs. It’s been a hard time for me. It doesn’t make a whole lot of logical sense, and as a result, I’ve just withdrawn into my little hole to protect myself. But do you know what I didn’t do? Rest with Jesus.

I see now that it’s been a stupid way to deal with my loneliness – being alone.

So what I’ve decided for 2016 is to name this the year of resting with Jesus. Not turning to Jesus in my loneliness sends me into a deeper spiral. Finding my worth and my comfort in Jesus is the only answer for me, and yet I need to remind myself of that. I can be so dense sometimes.

Rest with Jesus. Rest with Jesus. I’m just going to keep repeating it.

Social Media Goal

Last year I posted a picture every day of whatever was happening in my life. It was a super fun project, and it really helped me to be more involved with you guys. I even learned my way around Instagram. Look at me becoming a little more hip! Next up, Twitter?

So this year I am going to continue to do the project, but with a twist. I am again ripping off the idea from my cousin’s wife and a friend of mine– the same girls who inspired the project in the first place.

For each month of 2016, I am going to have a different theme, and you’ll get to guess the theme based on the pictures that I’m posting. My captions may or may not contain clues about the theme…

Follow me on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll have so much fun, you guys.

We’ll see how this goes. It’s going to stretch me for sure. I won’t be surprised if my theme becomes “Chaos” for the last eight months. But just whatever.


What are your goals this year? How did last years’ goals go? I want to hear from you! What will you do with this brand new year?

cover photo: Angie Torres

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about 4 years ago

Great goals. And you know me, I'm all about games, so look forward to guessing your themes.


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