All About This Fresh New Start

All About This Fresh New Start


Oh my gosh, you guys. I’m so excited!

Do you see this place?!

Holy. Moly.

As much as I have loved this blog from the very beginning, I totally love this new design more. Can I just be honest with you for a second? I’m not sure what on earth I was thinking with the old design. It looked like my great-grandma’s living room – covered in doilies. The fonts were all so wrong, the background hurt my eyes, and the organization was totally sub par. Overall, the place was just so…busy and frantic.

It was my fault, really. The nice people at Blogsicle have been so patient with me, as I know almost nothing about any sort of technology involved with blogging. And they designed the site exactly as I asked. I just asked for pretty much all the wrong things. {Side note: If you have a blog, check them out – they’re awesome!}

This is so much more warm, friendly, easy to use, and inviting.

So let me invite you in and show you around! It will be a long post, but I hope you stick it out.

First of all, if you’re new here (you just barely missed the old design, lucky you!), welcome! I’ve updated the About Me page also, so you can learn what this place is all about.


I want to take a second to remind you of my commitment to showing up here time and again to be real, authentic, and honest with you. Sometimes bearing my soul includes some tough stuff – sometimes it even involves some rough words (cover your Sunday School teacher ears…). Jesus has called me here and He’s met me here. He knows who I am, and He has inexplicably decided to use me anyway.

It’s my hope that you will see my vulnerability as an invitation to be open, too. I promise to hold your stories, your questions and doubts, your confessions, and your hearts so tenderly. There is no judgment here, only love. You do not need to be like me, or believe like I do, or live how I live to be a part of this place. Just as with Jesus, you are welcome just as you are, and I’ll be so honored that you’re here.


Fresh Start

This is a fresh start, and a great time for me to give you some insight into the plan for the coming months.

I have taken these last few weeks that I have been MIA to learn. And boy, have I been learning! I’ve been asking so many questions about layouts, website components, how to load my pictures to be more clear and less of a burden on your phones (turns out it starts with taking clearer pictures, who knew?). I’m learning how to use photo editing to my advantage. These are all minor things that will make a major difference in your experience here.

Most importantly, I have been praying. I’ve been asking God to strengthen my voice. It’s so tempting and very easy to slip into the voice of someone else because it seems easier, or that they’re more likable, or that their voice is more effective.

But that’s not what I come here to do. I come here to show you me. To show you Jesus as I know Him. To give you encouragement, and tell you “Me, too.” But I can’t tell you that if it’s someone else, and not me, too. I’m waiting with bated breath to see what He’s going to use my voice to say.



I heard from quite a few people that with the old design, they weren’t quite sure where to subscribe in order to get the blog posts directly in their email. Now there is a much more clearly labeled bar on the right-hand side everywhere you go. Simply type in your email address, follow the instructions in the email you receive, and you’re all set. You’ll get each post as soon as I hit the “publish” button!

*NOTE: If you’re on your phone, the subscription box is at the end of the post.* 


Now, also on the right-hand side, you can see some of the most recent pictures that I have been posting on Instagram for my 365 Project. You can click over right from there to see my pictures and follow me there!


I got more than a few requests to post some tips on clothes and makeup. I have to say that it totally shocked me!

Honestly, I’m someone that gets compliments of surprise when I shower and get dressed.

Sweet friend: “Wow you look great! Where are you going?”

Me: “Um nowhere…I just showered.”

Kind of like when you find a promising piece of junk at a garage sale and are pleasantly surprised with how well it cleaned up…“You know what? This actually turned out really well! Amazing what a little elbow grease will do, eh?”

I would say that I wonder what I look like the rest of the time that would make people so surprised, but I don’t have to. I already know. It’s not pretty. But since you asked, I promise that I will show you my tricks and tips – as many as I know!


There were so many individual and private requests for more posts about friendship. I think it’s an area that women, especially moms, are so lacking in, but are afraid to admit it. I will do my best to offer some more help to continue to navigate our way to and through friendships with each other.

Coming Soon

My Favorite Things

Soon…there will be a “Favorites” page. This will be linked to my board of favorite things on Pinterest. I have thousands of pins, but these are my tried and true favorites. Remember that kids’ remote that I wrote about a while ago? Now all you will have to do is click over to my “Favorites” to find it again later!


You are all so special to me. I love hearing from you. I love hearing how God is working in your life, your funny stories, your doubts and fears. If you would not like to comment on the blog posts, I understand. Please know that there is a Contact page that emails me directly and that I’m also available through my Facebook page for more private conversations.

Thank you for being kind. Thank you for coming to this place over and over. I can’t wait to see where we get to go together!

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