A Dream for Me

A Dream for Me

There is a book that I’m starting to read called “Becoming Myself” by Stasi Eldredge, who also wrote the book “Captivating” with her husband, John. I’m reading this book for a group that will begin meeting at the beginning of the year.


I haven’t gotten super far into the book because the study hasn’t begun yet, but I am already feeling the familiar tug of a good book.

I know that I need this book. It’s a book about becoming what God dreams for me to become. It’s hard as a mom (especially of young children) or as a wife to think beyond those roles to what God dreams for me.

Wait. God dreams for me?

Hold up.

Sometimes I forget that I’m a child of God. Do you forget this?

I don’t forget that there is a God. I don’t forget the good things that I am supposed to do, or the bad things I’m not. I don’t forget church on Sundays, or certain Bible verses. I don’t forget to pray for people when I happen upon a car accident. Okay, I do forget grace before a meal — quite often. There’s food…cut me some slack.

But one thing I do forget pretty much daily is that I am a child of God.

Today my kids were driving me nuts. Like if-I-didn’t-know-I-would-regret-pulling-out-all-my-hair-I-totally-would-right-this-minute kind of nuts.

At one point, I had asked both kids to get in their seats so many times that I just closed the doors so they couldn’t run into the parking lot, and I just sat down on the curb.

But when we got home, Noah quietly climbed onto the couch and asked if he could snuggle with me while they watched a TV show, and offered to let me nap while they did. And all my frustrations melted away. Why? Because I love my kids more than air. I love my kids more than my life. I love my kids more than cake (I know, right? That’s love.).

At different stages in our kids’ lives, Ty and I like to talk about what we think our kids will be when they grow up. What they’ll do. Who they’ll marry. Who they’ll be. Right now we’re hoping that they won’t be what they currently want to be — trash truck drivers. No disrespect, but let’s maybe just start with the bar a little bit higher, shall we?

We have dreams other dreams for them, too. Not so much of what they’ll be, but more like who they’ll be. We want them to be honest, generous, adventurous, loving, kind-hearted, hard-working men.


**Don’t worry…it makes sense in this post here.**

I am a child of God.

I’m just as disobedient, obstinate, and stress-inducing as my kids are sometimes.


But God still has dreams for me. Dreams of who He wants me to be, what He hopes I do.

I’ve been given talents because He wants me to use them! God gave me passions and dreams because He wants me to pursue them. He doesn’t just define me as a mom or a wife, though those are very important in defining who I am. It’s a lot of who I am right now. It’s just not all that I am.



As I read through this book, I am hoping to be reminded so much more about who I am and who God is dreaming for me to become. I’m excited to find new places to pursue God’s dream for me through my passions and my talents, rather than being shy and insecure about them.

For our book group the last few months, we were following along with a study guide from Mandy at Biblical Homemaking (check her out here). This time, we aren’t doing that, but I will be posting my thoughts from the book periodically. If you would like to follow along, feel free to grab a book and comment when you feel like it!

Click here for the link to the book on Amazon. I don’t get a kickback from them or anything, this is just so you don’t have to search for the book. **DO NOT quote me on this, or hold me to it, but at the time of posting this…it is $3.99 on Kindle.**

I hope that you join me in this journey to finding out who we are as women and as children of God!

Do you forget that you’re a child of God like I do? Do you ever forget that there is more to you than just what you’re consumed with at the moment, whether it’s your kids or your job? 

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