A Baby Sprinkle!

A Baby Sprinkle!

My friend just had her second son a few weeks ago. He’s so precious! Of course, we had a baby shower.

But wait!

I learned something in the planning. Did you know that a baby shower for a second (or third…or fourth…) is called a SPRINKLE!?!? Get it? Not a full-blown rain shower, just a little sprinkle? Oooookaaaay….

Oh, yes? You knew this?


Well…in any case….I didn’t know!

So…you can be sure that once I knew that….it was over! We had to have a sprinkle theme.

Wanna see??

The biggest thing that I did was put together two umbrellas with rain drops to hang in the kitchen.

Finished umbrella

First, I bought a pack of paper from JoAnn that had greens and blues in it.

Find the pack here.

Next, I cut a raindrop out of one of the pieces of paper and used it as a stencil for the rest of the raindrops.

I traced 18 raindrops on each color of paper and cut them all out.


I should have used my Cricut or my Silhouette to cut them out — it would’ve saved me A LOT of time. I just couldn’t find them in the mess of moving and had time to do it while I watched TV at night, so it turned out great anyway…minus the sore hands!

Next, I used a rectangular hole punch to cut a hole up by the tip of the drop. Again, you could use anything you wanted to punch the hole — it’s just what I could find in the moving mess.

Raindrops Cut Out

Raindrops with Tools

After that, I used thread to tie all the drops together. I used a big long length of thread and just tied five drops at a time all on the same string. It just made it less stringy when it hung up. If you’d rather just tie them one at a time, that would work, too.

Tying Raindrops

I mixed around the drops so that there weren’t any two drops of the same color next to each other.

Tying Raindrops Together

I bought my umbrellas at Ikea. There were a few different colors, but I decided the grey went with the blue and green theme better than any of the other colors.

Once the drops were all tied onto a string, I opened up the umbrella, and tied a string of five drops onto each point of the umbrella.

Raindrops on Umbrella2

Once they were all tied on, I hung the umbrellas upside down from the vents in the ceiling with ribbon. I liked upside down better than right side up just because it added a little bit of whimsy, and also…the handles weren’t that cute. They should be up by the ceiling instead of anyone’s face.

Two Finished Umbrellas

We had a great time at the shower! I had a few different finger foods, and an ice cream buffet for dessert

*with sprinkles, of course*

I made a blue punch that was, to be honest, horrible. It was something I had found on Pinterest, hoping to stick to the blue and green colors, and was HIGHLY disappointed. Next time I’ll try it before I serve it to a bunch of people. Lesson learned!

Since this is the newest baby in a long string of babies in our circle of friends, we have had a lot of baby showers in recent years. We have all gotten really good at guessing the baby food (without even tasting it), we know the price of the cart of baby-themed groceries, and we can unscramble all the baby-related words in no time flat.

So, instead, I decided to just have activities that people could do while we all chatted and just hung out with the mama-to-be (again).

I made up some cards with “wishes” from the guests to the new baby. People could take their time filling them out throughout the party.

Screenshot of Wishes for Baby

Guests also had time to draw on a onesie for the new baby. I bought a couple different packages of plain onesies in different sizes so he’ll have some for a long time! They’re just for lounging around the house, so no pressure while you’re creating!


The last activity for people to do was to write on some diapers for the new baby. I bought a pack of newborn diapers and had everyone write funny things on them. These were to be used only for middle of the night changings. Then Mommy had something to chuckle about while she was dragging herself, cheerfully hopping out of bed for a midnight feeding.

Late Night Diapers

This picture is from Pinterest….I forgot to take pictures of ours! Check it out here.

All of the activities were nice to do throughout the party, and didn’t come with any pressure. There were a lot of laughs, and a lot of stories. It was a great time to just hang out and relax with each other before the new baby came and shook up the world for a little bit!

Any fun baby shower games/activities that are not the “norm” that you’ve seen recently? Share them in the comments! 


Carol Dye

about 6 years ago

Hayley.....Feel Free to throw me a party ANYTIME! Your so creative!


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

Carol -- let's do it! You name it, I'll throw it! :) You'll cater, right?! Thanks for reading!


Marcia Villarreal

about 6 years ago

I had my own "sprinkle" party a few months ago, but I certainly didn't know that's what it was called! Cute, cute!! I wish I knew how you find the time to do these things! :)


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 6 years ago

Ha! It's cute, right?? And as for getting things done, I am a late night person...I stay up late when my family goes to bed earlier...that's my good crafting time! :) Thanks for reading!


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