31 Days {Day 9} – Friday Five Faves

31 Days {Day 9} – Friday Five Faves

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Welcome back to the 31 Days of Mary, Martha, & Sparta! If you missed it, here is the link to yesterday’s post!


I haven’t done a favorites post in a really long time!

But today, I am here to talk about all of my favorite shows that have started again this season! I am excited to start curling up with a snuggly blanket and a project, and diving back into my shows for this new season!

I have to admit – I have an obsession with a good story. I have to be very careful what new shows I start to watch because I get wrapped up in the story almost immediately and I want to know how it all plays out. Then I feel stressed by my DVR. I have to be very picky.

Because of my love of stories, I have a lot of shows that I really like. Although I really like the Amazing Race, I don’t really like reality TV. I’m also really selective about the comedy shows I watch, because I don’t like gimmicky humor, and I don’t like when the dad or husband is portrayed as an idiot, so that takes a lot of shows out of the running.

But I’ve noticed that crime/law dramas are totally my favorite. Police, CIA or other government agency, politics, law firms…so much good drama!! Also, I am realizing that most of my shows are on CBS. It turns out that CBS is consistently in the top spot for most viewers in the week for primetime broadcasts. They just get it right.

So without further ado, my favorite dramas returning to television this fall!!




ncis-banner ncis la

These tie, and since one is the spinoff of the other, I’m counting them as one show.

NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The original, set in Washington, DC, is in its 13th season. The writers are so good at keeping up with current events, and there is some good action.

The characters mesh so well with each other. There have been some dramatic exits, and I’ve always been sad to see a character go. And then they add a new character, and it’s just a perfect match again.

There’s another spinoff set in New Orleans, and I can totally skip that one, but the spinoff set in Los Angeles is also so good. Who knew that I would really like seeing LL Cool J in a TV show regularly? In its 7th season, all of the relationships and character dynamics have really developed and meshed so well.

The Good Wife


the good wife

This is a law/political drama. It’s been on for 7 seasons, and it’s taken so many twists and turns in that time! Each twist is well thought out and takes the show in a new direction so it’s not just the same old story line again and again.

There’s a lot of legal drama, but there’s also a lot of political plot lines, and family dynamics. This is one that I have to wait for Ty to watch it with me, which in and of itself says a lot about it!

Blue Bloods


blue bloods

This show is one of the most solid shows I have seen in such a long time. It’s in its 6th season, it’s still stayed true to its roots.

First of all, Tom Selleck’s character (Frank Reagan) is the Police Commissioner in New York City. His two sons are on the police force as a police officer and a detective. His daughter is an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan.

As the Police Commissioner, Frank is one of the most morally conscious, level-headed, and wise characters I have ever seen on TV. This trickles down to the other characters, too. One of the show staples is that they have a mandatory family dinner on Sunday nights after Mass, where they discuss their current cases. These discussions inevitably address a lot of current events from both sides of the law. There are arguments, but both sides are thoughtful, educated, and well-meaning.

It’s a great drama, and the strong moral and family dynamic makes it so compelling to me.

Madam Secretary


madam secretary

This one is another one that I have to wait for Ty to watch. It’s another political drama whose main character is a very moral and family-centric. Also, I’ve yet to see anything with Tea Leoni that I don’t like.

Now the Secretary of State, Tea Leoni’s character, Elizabeth, is a former CIA analyst married to a theology professor and former NSA spy. Their marriage is strong, they’re supportive of each other, they parent as a team. It’s so rare to see that dynamic on TV anymore, and I love it!

What is so compelling about this show is how she has to balance moral decisions with political decisions, and how she uses her power and influence to accomplish so much good and buck the system when need be.




This show is a pretty intense show – definitely not a light one. It’s high intensity, big on action, and has a lot of less-than-desirable characters.

“Red”, played by James Spader, is a highly connected fugitive who turned himself into the FBI in order to offer up various highly-sought-after and dangerous criminals he’s worked with in exchange for immunity.

It’s still in early seasons and developing into a deeper plot, but I’ve really been enjoying it! It’s intense, so it’s one I don’t watch right before I go to bed or I’ll be too hyped up!

Do you watch any of these? What are other ones that you like to watch? 


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about 4 years ago

Victor and I started watching Quantico. It's pretty good so far.


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 4 years ago

I have that one on my DVR too! I'm saving all the new ones for a marathon to decide whether I like it or not and catching up on all of my other ones that I already know I like!



about 4 years ago

As usual, we are in sync! Love them all!!! I have to add Hawaii 5-0 for the nostalgia-i grew up watching the original with my Dad, the scenery-one of my favorite places and the eye candy-all the beautiful people!


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 4 years ago

Oh I agree! It's still in my list. Just not top 5....I had to draw the line somewhere. You know me - I could have so many on this list!


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