31 Days {Day 7} – Homeschool Room Reveal

31 Days {Day 7} – Homeschool Room Reveal

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Welcome back to the 31 Days of Mary, Martha, & Sparta! If you missed it, here is the link to yesterday’s post!


Happy Wednesday!

I’ve been trying to post this all day! Technology is just not my friend, you guys….

Now that I’ve cried a little, yelled a little, and begged my computer to be kind, it’s time to finally reveal my homeschool room!

I haven’t really gone into why we homeschool so much, but have no fear – we have another 24 days!

Today, we’re just talking logistics.

First of all, this room used to be our playroom. We had a full-sized basketball hoop up there, and not much else. The boys really needed room to run around and play basketball. Plus, we don’t do toys, really.

IMG_7873 IMG_7872

It was time for the hoop to go outside – as the boys got bigger, their jumping caused more and more of a raucous. Not to mention… it knocked a few light bulbs and light fixtures out of the fan in the dining room directly below the loft.

Anyway, when we decided to homeschool, that was the most logical place to put the room. So we put the hoop outside, just like a ginormous basketball hoop should be. It was fun being the cool mom while it lasted.

I wanted to keep the room very simple. I’m not a fan of a bunch of primary colored alphabet strips, or big flashy charts…just not my style. I wanted us to be able to focus and get our work done in peace, so I didn’t want to clutter our space or walls.



In the corner of the room, I have a big full mattress on the floor with a few pillows to create a reading corner. I was having a really hard time finding something to go in that corner that would be super cozy and big enough for the both of us. Then I remembered I had an extra mattress in the garage. Add a new sheet from Wal-Mart and a couple pillows, and ta-da!

The bookshelves (from IKEA) are from before we put up the basketball hoop, and the letters actually never came down because I was lazy. I just took them down and repainted them and hung them right back up.

I have a tower of drawers that Ty’s mom was getting rid of that houses Noah’s supplies. He’s got one of the drawers full of the things that he needs every day. He can just pull that drawer out and bring it to the table.

Other drawers contain art supplies, extra crayons, learning games and flashcards, etc.

Above that, I have a world map (also from IKEA) and a map of the United States (from Uncommon Goods). The map of the states is a scratch off map. I’ve completely scratched off the ones that all four of us have been to, but I only scratched off the name of the state if just Ty and I have been there. I love it. My boys love maps, so these have been fun for us use regularly.


On the other side of the room, I have a dry erase board (I’ve had it since college), display frames, a bookshelf of all of my things, and a big display case that was once used for brochures in Ty’s office. Full disclosure: the clock (from IKEA) has been hung, but has yet to receive a battery. Just whatever.


On my bookshelf (from Target), I have all of the books that we use for curriculum (plus some extras leaned up against the side), the dry erase markers, office supplies, and the completed work we have done for the year. I have yet to come up with a filing system for Noah’s completed work, but I have plenty of supplies to sort through and contribute to the solution. We’ll see…


One of my favorite parts of the room is this set of display frames (from IKEA…all the same trip, FYI). They have the clipboard clip built in, so they are flush with the frame. I have loved switching out Noah’s artwork, and so has he! Aidan will be excited to put some up there when he stays home with us next year, too!

I also love the big easel with the pad of paper. That also came from Ty’s mom. It holds our timeline for all of the historical events we’re learning about this year. I will be so excited to see it completed at the end of the year.

The table in the middle of the room was a garage sale find, and I love that it can fold up into half that size, or be expanded to fit all of our books and supplies.

You guys, I am loving homeschool, and a lot of it has to do with this space. Noah’s new thing is doing headstands…all. the. time. Pretty much the whole day we’re doing school, he’s using the wide open space to stand on his head. So, I guess he’s loving it, too!


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Elizabeth Powe

about 4 years ago

I love the room!!!! Beautiful and fun! Can't wait until I can walk upstairs to see it.


Hayley Schraufnagel

about 4 years ago

I can't wait either!!!


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