31 Days {Day 26} – School Games

31 Days {Day 26} – School Games

Welcome back to the 31 Days of Mary, Martha, & Sparta! If you missed it, here is the link to yesterday’s post!


I spent this afternoon hanging out after kindergarten getting all of the games ready for their Halloween parties this week!

Wait until you see all of the cute little games we have!

Bucket Game

For preschool and kindergarten, this game is perfect!

We just wrote cute little Halloween sayings on the buckets and fun activities for each bucket and voila!IMG_8860


Becky, Aidan’s teacher, thinks she got these cute little candy corn buckets at Target. I can’t say for sure because she can’t remember, but if you’re there, you should check because aren’t they so cute?

Bean Bag Toss

Becky had an extra tri-fold board hanging around, so we got out a razor blade and cut some quick holes out of the middle panel. We grabbed some paint to add a little spice.


I will admit that this is less than our most stellar crafting, but we kept reminding ourselves that, “They’re in preschool. They don’t care.”

Becky’s daughter is making some little bean bags for the game. I have no doubt that they’ll be super cute.

Web Game

This was so clever, and I’m not sure where she found this idea, but…I love it! It can be made as hard or as easy as you’d like – depending on who’s going to play the game. The object of this game is to use the tweezers to pull out the plastic spiders, kind of like Operation.


She had me lace the yarn through random holes all around the basket. Once we pulled them tight and the legs could get all stuck in the yarn, it was actually pretty tricky!



Becky saw this idea on Pinterest, and we pretty much copied it exactly. I found the pin here for you.


We cut construction paper in half and it fit the height perfectly. We just wrapped two pieces around the roll of toilet paper and cut some eyes and other accessories out and drew the rest with permanent marker.

You can see that a jack-o-lantern smile is not my specialty.

Just whatever. They’re in preschool, right?

The kids always have so much fun at Miss Becky’s parties…I’m sure they won’t notice.

These are all super quick and super easy games – I think we might even use some at home just for fun!

What are your go-to crafts or games for school parties? 


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