31 Days {Day 20} – You Are Worthy

31 Days {Day 20} – You Are Worthy

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Welcome back to the 31 Days of Mary, Martha, & Sparta! If you missed it, here is the link to yesterday’s post!


When we were in Dallas a couple weeks ago, Ty and I went to a movie at this cute little eclectic movie theater.

After the movie, as is my custom, I had to go to the bathroom (Seriously. Every. Time. Curse their gallon-sized cups!).

Anyway, when I walked into the stall, I saw that there were messages written all over the walls. People had been adding to the wall for quite some time.

There were dozens and dozens of encouraging, positive messages. “You’re beautiful.” “You’re perfect just the way you are!” It was so great to see – and in such a random place! I was surprised that not even one woman had been rude and added a dumb, negative comment.

There was one message that stood out to me, though. It even stood alone on its own wall like everyone knew it needed a little extra space to be seen.

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You are worthy of your love.

Think about that for a second. Not “You are worthy of love,” as in the love of others.

You are worthy of YOUR love.

We, as women, wives, moms love everyone else with all of our hearts – to the point of exhaustion. Isn’t it time that we give a little of that to ourselves?

Take some time to say some kind things about you to yourself for a change. Do something to take care of yourself.

I don’t have much more to add to that today. Just that.

You are worthy of your love.


I don’t think that I have ever asked you all to share a post for me. But today I am. Please send this post to some people who need to be reminded of their worthiness today. You can do that with the share buttons at the bottom of the post. Thank you for spreading love with me! 

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